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Yum Yum Letters Review

Yum Yum Letters is a fun and engaging way for your preschooler to learn how to identify and form letters. It’s super easy to use and it all works with a swipe of a finger! My daughter is 7 and she absolutely loves this app.


The nice thing about this app is you can go in ABC order or you can pick the letter you want to work on specifically. There are two sides you can choose the snowflake side or the caterpillar sides. Once you pick a side your child works on two letters. The letter is introduced to them and it is shown how they will trace the letter. Then they will begin to trace the letter three more times. They work on two letters and then a mini game shows up for a nice break. If you are on the snowflake side then your child will decorate a snowflake. They use their fine motor skills to adjust and turn the objects to place them where they want. They make their own beautiful snowflake. You can take a picture of your finished work and resume back to the letters. The caterpillar side is set up the same way only on this side the child decorate a caterpillar which turns into a beautiful butterfly.

There is no penalties for mistakes. The voice simply says to try to stay in the lines. It’s ok if you don’t it will start over if your child is way out of the lines. The music blends so nicely with the app as well. The graphics are adorable!


When your child is learning to trace the letters they are learning the correct order and direction to make the letters. So it gives them a nice visual.

You can get a detailed progress report to track the status of each letter. I didn’t use this feature as my daughter already knows how to write and how to make her letters. This also does support up to 30 student profiles. This is a nice feature for a teacher who is using it in their classroom or a parent who has multiple children using this app.

You can mute the sound and the voice over if you choose. That is all done by clicking on the buttons at the top.

My Over All Thoughts: 

I think this is a wonderful learning tool for children learning how to write. I find that it is fun and engaging. It has a nice break in between letters for play before the letters continues again. I think the mini games encourage the kids to want to continue learning so they can play the mini game again. I think kids older then preschool may enjoy it as well. My daughter is 7 and she still enjoys games like this. It gives her extra practice and confidence in knowing that she knows how to do it.


Here is a video of my daughter and I showing you how this app works. You will really get to see just how cute the app is. You will also see why the mini games are just so fun and engaging that it encourages kids to want to learn. We did this video today and my daughter held my iPad hostage continuing to play this app! It’s nice to see her enjoy something that makes her confident and using her creative side.


Disclaimer: I did receive a promo code in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. The opinions in this blog post are 100% mine. 


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