YALMEH Super Youth Eye Cream Review

YALMEH Super Youth Eye Cream Review

I am on that has always had dark circles under the eyes. Now that I am getting older I am noticing those fine lines starting to show up. When I was offered to do a review for YALMEH Super Eye Cream I was really excited.


YALMEH Super Youth Eye Cream is a great product. It contains all natural ingredients, no toxic chemicals, or cancer causing additives. You will NOT find mineral oil, propylene glycol, or paragon in this product. They also do not test their product on animals. The eye cream is an aloe vera based cream that contains organic and natural oils, gels and extracts, as well as grape seed oil and vitamins E & C. From what I read is effective on all skin types.

This cream is meant to treat and repair wrinkles, dark circles, and reduce the age spots and reduce also reduces fine lines around the eyes. You can also use this product around the mouth, cheek area, and forehead.

How I Used This: 

I used this cream daily. What is nice is that you don’t need a big amount. You just take your finger and dab it on the cream. Then you start spreading it on your problem areas. I did use it on my forehead, around the mouth and around the eyes.

The cream is not greasy at all. In fact it absorbs quickly. It has a soothing feel to it as well. The scent is not bad at all and it isn’t strong at all.

I have noticed that the dark circles under my eyes are slowly disappearing. What I mean by that is they are getting lighter in color. I haven’t really noticed to much with the fine lines yet. I need to give that some more time as it was mentioned that some don’t start seeing results until 3 months.

My Thoughts: 

So far I am really liking this product. It’s nice to see the dark circles fade away slowly. I also really like that you don’t need to use a big amount. It makes your product last longer when you use small amounts. My skin was never irritated nor was it ever feeling oily because of this cream. I like that it absorbed fast so that I was able to apply make up after I put it on. I also like how soft my skin felt and I felt that this stayed moist through out the day. I have a dry patch on my forehead and it has softened it up.

All in all I was really surprised with how fast the dark circles started to fade. I will continue to keep using this to watch the fine lines slowly fade away next. I also really like the fact that this product is all natural as well. I have been trying to stay away from stuff that are not natural.

DISCLAIMER: I did receive this product for my review. I was not paid for this review. The opinions in this blog post are my own honest opinion. 

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