World History Detective Book 1 – Review

World History Detective Book 1 Review

One of my son’s favorite subjects is History. We were both really excited to review World History Detective Book 1 by The Critical Thinking Co.

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World History Detective Book 1 studies the Ancient and Medieval Civilizations. You can use this book as a stand alone or you can use it as a supplement. We used it as a stand a lone for this review.

You start each lesson with a reading. The reading isn’t long and each sentence is numbered. You will need those numbers for reference as you are working through the activities. Once the student finishes the lesson they apply critical thinkings skills to answer multiple choice questions and a short essay question. The last thing the student does is identify the evidence of what they read.


I found this set up to be very interesting. As you moved through each lesson you saw the different geographical maps, concept maps, and timelines in each chapter. The maps gave you a visual of where people lived and people ruled.

We knew about certain time periods but it was very interesting learning how things were invented and how things changed with time. For example – the different laws and rules, and people’s beliefs. How weapons had changed and how they were made. One thing that was really interesting was how writing was started. How it had changed.

How We Used It:


My son did one lesson each day. We used this about 3 – 5 times a week depending on our schedule. I would read it first and then as we did the multiple choice I guided him where to read and he had to answer the multiple choice questions. For the essay question we used it as a discussion instead of making him write the answer. I wanted to make sure he understood the important part of the lesson. To me the essay question was important as you picking out the most important thing of the lesson by answering the question. Then we would work on the next part which was more like a diagram that you fill in.

What We Thought:

We really enjoyed the World History Detective Book 1. The lessons just flow and you move through history learning about each group of people. It makes kids thing about from a archeological/historian perspective. The lessons only took us about  30 minutes to move through. Sometimes it took a little longer as we spent time discussing things. It really kept my sons interest.


Another thing I really liked was the multiple choice questions. I liked that the students had to distinguish from facts and opinion. I also liked that there was true and false questions. I had went an extra step and had him tell me why something was false and what would make it true. You also had to put in a number of where you found the information to support your answer in the multiple choice.

I also really liked that there what a part in the multiple choice that had a sequence of events. The student had to put things in chronological order in the way the events happened. There was only 4 of them but it was enough to make him think. They were short sentences. If you were stuck you could look back into the reading and skim through it to find it. My son did pretty good with this.


I also really like the diagram at the end. It was a break down of what you have learned but a way to group things as well. I liked that there was a word box at the top so you could pick and choose what you were adding.

You can purchase this book for $34.99.

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