Wordless Wednesday – Never Let Daddy Dress The Princess!

I wasn’t in going to do Wordless Wednesday today. My husband dressed my daughter after her bath! She doesn’t match and she looks funky with those socks! Word of Wisdom: Never Let Daddy Dress The Princess!


38 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Never Let Daddy Dress The Princess!”

  • 1
    Thom says:

    Bah Hum Bug…she’s gorgeous in those clothes 🙂 Right on Daddy LOL 🙂
    .-= Thom´s last blog ..Silly Haiku Wednesday – Guilty Pleasure? =-.

    admin Reply:

    LOL Thom!! She looks so funny with the socks over her pants. Needless to say the outfit didn’t last long because she got her little hands on some soda!

  • 2
    Tammy says:

    I love it. She’s adorable.
    .-= Tammy´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday Disney World Fun =-.

    admin Reply:

    Thank you Tammy! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • 3
    Anne Y says:

    Love it!
    Why is it Dad’s just assume that if the pattern is the same it matches?
    Things like this happen in my house too!
    .-= Anne Y´s last blog ..Resorts Rescued Only Timeshares =-.

    admin Reply:

    LOL I don’t know must be a man thing. I can’t believe he put the socks over her pants. Mismatched baby!

  • 4
    Olivia says:

    Just wait ’til she starts dressing herself! My daughter can come up with some CRAZY outfits for herself!

    admin Reply:

    LOL I am kinda looking forward to it! She certainly knows how to undress herself. She would be happy naked the little stinker.

  • 5
    Karie says:

    OMG that is hysterical!! At least he is sort of the same color group…mine does the same.
    .-= Karie´s last blog ..Wordful/Wordless Wednesday =-.

    admin Reply:

    LOL Karie! That is true he was sorta close in colors. Stripes and funky plaid don’t match… He dresses her crazy all the time.

  • 6
    Lynne says:

    Maybe he was letting Princess pick out her own clothes? Oh well, she’s cute no matter what!
    .-= Lynne´s last blog ..Enter the Holiday Giveaway – Win an eBook =-.

    admin Reply:

    Thank you Lynn! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • 7
    Alissa says:

    So cute!!! Daddy doesn’t bother to put pants on our princesss! He says it makes for easier diaper changes. 😡

    admin Reply:

    LOL We have to keep pants on her or she tries to take the diaper off. Lately she tries to be the anti diaper wearing baby.

  • 8
    yonca says:

    Hehe..She looks so cute in those clothes.

    admin Reply:

    Thanks Yonca!

  • 9
    Grampy says:

    You should see it when I do it.My color perception is not the greatest.But do not fear.She would be beautiful no matter how she was dressed.

    admin Reply:

    Thanks Grampy! I just think it’s funny how Daddy dresses her. He doesn’t bother to look for the right outfits. That’s probably because he can’t remember which goes with which.

  • 10
    blueviolet says:

    My husband’s biggest problem was the hair!!!
    .-= blueviolet´s last blog ..Tricky, Tricky – W/W Wednesday =-.

    admin Reply:

    lol Mine hasn’t touched her hair yet thankfully.

  • 11
    Auntie E says:

    LOL..That brings back hubby memories:-) Happy WW
    .-= Auntie E´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday-5 &10 Store =-.

    admin Reply:

    Glad it brought back memories! Thanks for stopping by Auntie E.

  • 12
    Brandy says:

    Yup that’s about how it goes with my hubs dresses the kids too! LOL
    .-= Brandy´s last blog ..Do You Eat Out Enough? =-.

    admin Reply:

    LOL Brandy. I think it’s funny actually. Our poor kids!! Thanks for stopping by.

  • 13
    tahtimbo says:

    I hate to say it, but I was guilty of this with our two girls. When I would take them to play or for a walk, I kinda just dressed them in whatever was handy…more fodder for therapy.

    admin Reply:

    LOL Tim! I know Earl doesn’t pay attention to the outfits or what matches and doesn’t it’s my job to know that. LOL Thank’s for stopping by.

  • 14

    I think she looks absolutely adorable.
    .-= SquirrelQueen´s last blog ..Nice Under Ice – Wordless Wednesday =-.

    admin Reply:

    Thank you Judy! Thanks for stopping by.

  • 15

    So cute! I love the new blog design, too, by the way. 🙂
    .-= Sara Elizabeth Bonds @ The OmniCouple´s last blog ..WordFul Wednesday: Our Christmas Tree =-.

    admin Reply:

    Thank you Sara! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • 16
    Sue says:

    My daughter dresses herself that way sometime and she’s almost 10 – lol! She looks cute 🙂

    Happy (late) WW!
    .-= Sue´s last blog ..Tuna and Seafood For Your Health =-.

    admin Reply:

    LOL it will be interesting to see what my daughter does when she grows up. Although I don’t want to rush it. hehe. Thanks for stopping by.

  • 17

    I’m home with my kids three days a week.

    I have to do my daughter’s hair. Now that’s tough!
    Dressing her is the easy part.

    admin Reply:

    LOL. When Britt’s hair gets long it will probably be a battle for Earl. Sometime she moves all around and makes it tough. Lopsided ponies here we come… thanks for stopping by. The best way I see is at least he tries and helps out and that goes for you too 🙂

  • 18
    Sherri says:

    OH my goodness Stacie! She looks so cute! seriously….that very well could be her personality someday….you just never know! I am pretty sure she could pull of a garbage sack look cute! Good thing she has Mommy around to dress her 🙂 Have a great day!
    .-= Sherri´s last blog ..Changed =-.

    admin Reply:

    Thank You Sherri! My friend Tabitha says that too. Hope you have a great day too!

  • 19
    Mariana says:

    She’s adorable! We learned to not let daddy dress the princesses at our house a LONG time ago LOL!

    admin Reply:

    LOL Mariana! I hate when he dresses her it’s always like he is in a hurry.

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