Wordless Wednesday – Gotta Love Teenagers

Last weekend Brad had asked me to take a picture for his facebook account. I had to chuckle and said sure I will and I tried to show him how to change his profile picture. I have to laugh because the kid doesn’t even smile for the picture. He looks so serious!


32 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Gotta Love Teenagers”

  • 1
    mizhelle says:

    yup he looks really serious 🙂

    u may view mine if u have time
    .-= mizhelle´s last blog .."I Want…" Wednesday #5 =-.

    admin Reply:

    LOL he sure does. I asked him why. He said that’s just his tude. LOL

  • 2
    Thom says:

    ROFLMAO…just a typical teenager 🙂

    admin Reply:

    LOL he sure is!! He cracks me up with how serious he is in pictures. I swear the kid don’t smile in them any more.

  • 3
    PJ says:

    lol, boys don’t want to smile for their pics, there might be some girls looking at it. they want to appear “tough”. that is a good pic even without the smile. have a great day!
    .-= PJ´s last blog ..Who wants a free sample? =-.

    admin Reply:

    LOL I never thought of that PJ. You have a great day too.

  • 4
    yonca says:

    My son next to me and he loved his t-shirt:)
    .-= yonca´s last blog ..Awards!!! =-.

    admin Reply:

    I will have to tell Brad that. I don’t remember which one he is wearing now. I got to go back and look. Thanks for stopping by Yonca!

  • 5

    Boys/guys are so funny like that. Whenever I’m watching a sporting event on tv esp. football or basketball, I always look at the headshots they show of the players and find it interesting why some choose to smile and other don’t. It’s interesting.

    I like your blog. I found you through Mom Bloggers Follow Group. I am now following and looking forward to reading more.
    .-= 2 Toddlers and Me´s last blog ..How To Keep Two Toddlers Busy =-.

    admin Reply:

    I notice that too on Football games. I just don’t get it. Your right it is very interesting. Glad your following. I will stop over and follow yours too! Looking forward to reading more of yours too!

  • 6
    Jeanne says:

    hehe Typical teen but very cool he asked mom to take his picture.
    .-= Jeanne´s last blog ..October 13th =-.

    admin Reply:

    LOL Yeah I thought it was cool too! He doesn’t ask for much picture wise. He wants another one of him and the dog.

  • 7
    sheila says:

    My son never smiles either for pics. (braces) Ughhh. Plus, I think they are just ‘too cool’. lol
    .-= sheila´s last blog ..This, That, and The Otherword(ful) wednes. =-.

    admin Reply:

    LOL Sheila!

  • 8
    Sue says:

    Nice picture. My 13 yr. old son is getting like that too. He doesn’t want to smile or pose for pics like he used to. Happy WW!
    .-= Sue´s last blog ..Think Pink With Cryo-Cell =-.

    admin Reply:

    Sue they just grow up to fast! Happy WW back at ya!

  • 9
    COUNTRY MOM says:

    Great picture. Glad he ask you. I always have my camera taking pics. My kids don’t get a chance to ask. LOL.
    .-= COUNTRY MOM´s last blog ..One Glass Of Milk… =-.

    admin Reply:

    Lately I have been forgetting my camera. I love taking pictures though. I just lost a whole bunch on my other computer so I have to start taking more.

  • 10

    Why do they feel the need to look serious all the time? Like if a teenager dares to smile, than they are weak or something? sheesh.
    .-= Vicki@frugalmomknowsbest´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday & giving back to Children’s hospital =-.

    admin Reply:

    ROFL Vicki. If they smiled then the tough guy might not be so tough anymore. hehe

  • 11
    COUNTRY MOM says:

    Stacie, Do you have any pics of all three kids together? I would love to see one of you too. Thanks,
    .-= COUNTRY MOM´s last blog ..One Glass Of Milk… =-.

    admin Reply:

    I think I do have pictures of the three kids together. Although I am not sure if they were on this computer or the other. I will look. If they were on the other then I lost them.

  • 12
    Jen says:

    At least he doesn’t have blue hair like my son did. Then pink, then candy apple red. And mine never smiles either.
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..Halloween is Coming =-.

    admin Reply:

    I am sure my time will come with the different color hair. My son asked one time to dye it black and I said NO WAY! LOL I think I sounded like my dad there for a moment. LOL

  • 13
    nettagyrl says:

    Hi Stacie! These kids are killing me. lol =D They love to look tough!
    .-= nettagyrl´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – "The Sky Above My Complex" =-.

  • 14
    AuntieE says:

    My daughter is always changing your FB photo! I can’t get her to smile in photo unless I take like… a dozen,lol. But once she started taking them with her friends..Well let’s say her FB photo always shows her teeth,lol. Nice looking son.
    Thanks for leaving your link.
    .-= AuntieE´s last blog ..Ruby Tuesday-A Ruby Trip. =-.

    admin Reply:

    Isn’t it something they can smile with their friends. The little stinkers. Thanks Auntie E for stopping by.

  • 15
    Shelly says:

    I can only HOPE that as teenagers my kids would still want me to take their FB pic. I doubt it though.
    .-= Shelly´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday~ Making Wine =-.

  • 16
    BK says:

    LOL! You are right. He looked too serious! 🙂
    .-= BK´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: Children See, Children Do =-.

  • 17
    Tammy says:

    Lol. He looks like he doesn’t want his picture taken.
    .-= Tammy´s last blog ..Autism Moms Thursday Budget Cuts =-.

  • 18
    Sherri says:

    Ok this is too funny! Most of the kids I coach have these crazy profile pics for their FB’s….he looks like he is getting a head shot for the Army! haha…too fun!
    .-= Sherri´s last blog ..A Thousand Words Thursday =-.

    admin Reply:

    ROFL!!! Yeah but the only thing missing Sherri is his hair getting buzzed!! I think it would look better then how he styles it.

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