Wordless Wednesday – Crazy Frog

Earl as cutting the grass and we were all outside doing our own thing. When all of a sudden I saw something fly out from under the lawn mower. I think it startled Earl as the lawn mower stopped right away and I saw him and Dakota chasing something. Here is what they caught:

Needless to stay he didn’t stick around to be a pet thankfully. After my husband was done cutting the grass he took the frog to the park and let it go near the creek. Oh wait I think this is a toad not a frog. Well whatever the case…LOL

30 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Crazy Frog”

  • 1

    Yikes! That frog is lucky he got away!

    Happy Wordless Wednesday – stop by and link yours up!

    admin Reply:

    LOL I know hey…he could have been frog meat if he wasn’t any quicker.

  • 2
    Brandy says:

    Happy WW! Cute froggy!
    Brandy´s last blog post ..Building a Family

    admin Reply:

    Thanks Brandy 🙂

  • 3
    Auntie E says:

    Oh I really hated those days when my child would bring the frogs home. Although the were cute trying to convince the child to let it go was a chore.
    My WW Link for you
    Auntie E´s last blog post ..Ruby Tuesday- The White Ibis

    admin Reply:

    Isn’t that the truth! My youngest son wanted to keep it. I kept telling him it would not survive in a cage when he wasn’t looking it was gone.

  • 4
    Anjanette says:

    hibbee jibbees, we had one like this just sitting in our yard looking at us. I was to creeped out to touch him, but the kids were real tempted.

    ps. Thanks for stopping by 🙂
    Anjanette´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday – Plumb Tuckered

    admin Reply:

    LOL I didn’t want to touch that thing that is for sure. They are gross looking hehe.

  • 5
    Russ says:

    Yes I think that is a toad. Glad you let him go in a safe place.

    admin Reply:

    My neighbor has a pond we could have probably set it there now that I think of it. LOL Safer back at the park though with the others.

  • 6
    Amy says:

    Thanks for stopping by today and giving me a nice wish.. I love froggy’s /toads. Glad he got back to the park okay..
    Amy´s last blog post ..Gone

    admin Reply:

    You are welcome Amy. Thanks for stopping by. My friend loves frogs. She is nuts about them. I wonder what she is going to say when she see this.

  • 7

    Aw, so glad you saved him and found a new home for him. I’m forever stopping the car to help an animal. We return dogs home and pull turtles away from roads. My husband thinks I’m half crazy, but my kids love it. I think it’s a great lesson for them.

    Happy WW 🙂 Have a great day!

    admin Reply:

    I don’t think I have ever seen a turtle near the road. In fact I don’t remember the last time I saw one. LOL Your right it is a good lesson for the kids. Thanks for stopping by.

  • 8
    Tammy says:

    That’s so cute. It wouldn’t have made it as a pet in our house, either.
    Tammy´s last blog post ..Responding to Senator Richard Burr and Congressman Bob Etheridge

    admin Reply:

    LOL glad I am not the only one….

  • 9
    BeadedTail says:

    We don’t see any toads around here but that is one lucky dude to have made it through the mower!
    BeadedTail´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday

    admin Reply:

    LOL I agree with you. I saw something moving but had no clue what it was at first. LOL

  • 10
    Buckeroomama says:

    I wouldn’t have wanted to keep that one either. LOL!
    Buckeroomama´s last blog post ..A Touch of Butter

    admin Reply:

    LOL It sure was icky….I refused to touch it.

  • 11
    FMIC says:

    Lucky break for the toad/frog. Lol. Thanks for joining FMIC today!
    FMIC´s last blog post ..Follow Me- Im Canadian – The Great Canadian Link Exchange July 21

    admin Reply:

    LOL yes it sure was a lucky break. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • 12
    blueviolet says:

    I’m glad it wasn’t chopped to bits by the blades!
    blueviolet´s last blog post ..Tuneful Tykes – W-W

    admin Reply:

    Me too I don’t like seeing stuff like that happen.

  • 13
    Bibi says:

    Sure glad your hubs saw them before it was too late.

    They might not be the prettiest toads, but I am glad they got relocated to new home,lol.

    admin Reply:

    LOL you are right it’s not the prettiest but I am glad he has a safe home now.

  • 14
    Emmy says:

    Glad you didn’t run him over or that would have been a different kind of frog for your kids to see 😉
    Emmy´s last blog post ..Cooking Club- Dans Favorite Chicken Sandwich

    admin Reply:

    I know hey! That would have been gross.

  • 15

    Wow, that is one lucky frog/toad. He will be so much happier at the pond.

    I haven’t seen your blog come up on my dashboard in ages so I decided to come looking for you, glad I did. I’ll be back.

    Hope you had a great weekend!
    SquirrelQueen´s last blog post ..St Johns Wort

    admin Reply:

    I have just started reading blogs again and trying to stay caught up. I saw your pictures of the prairie and they were gorgeous!! I think it was a prairie but I know it was outside. I have really missed seeing your pictures you post they are always fantabulous!!

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