Wordful Wednesday – National RailRoad Musuem

What I find interesting about the National Rail Road Museum in Green Bay, WI is the fact that the origins of the museum date back to 1956, when local individuals advanced the concept of a National Museum dedicated to the American Rail Road History. Two years later, a join resolution of Congress recognized the museum as the National Rail Road Museum. Now I can’t remember the name of the one train it was called Big something. Let me tell you these engines were HUGE. I think they are bigger then the ones they use now a days. The wheels are Huge. I was truly amazed as we were allowed to go into some of the engines and the cars and even the caboose. There was an outside too but I myself didn’t make it outside as it was to bitterly cold for me and Brittany but some of my other girls and their parents decided to venture the cold and check out the outdoors. This spring once it gets a little nicer out I plan on taking Dakota there so we can see both the inside and the outside.

There was two reasons why we went one to see the Train Museum and the second was to see the Festival of Trees exhibit. That Exhibit was sponsored by local area businesses and clubs that decorated a tree.

As you can see in this first picture this was our first stop and if you look at it you can tell that this was a 50’s style. I knew right away before I even read the board.

This was the Dwight D Eisenhower. This as one of the few pictures I had that didn’t have the girls from my Daisy Troop in it. See what I mean by huge.

Here is my daughter at the beginning of where the Festival of Trees were exhibited.

The above pictures were some of my favorite trees that we saw when we walked the line of seeing the Festival of Trees. I tried to capture the whole aisle of them but not sure that it worked very well. LOL

Brittany sitting on one of the benches waiting patiently for the other girls to come back so we could all go to lunch.

This I believe was part of a bathroom on the train. I am guessing with the metal sinks.

This is the passenger seats where one could sit in the train when they weren’t resting.

This looks to be the sleeping area.

Not exactly sure what this area was in the train. However they did have a car that contained a cabinet with china as well as a dining room table on the train car. There was also a dining area that was different but I didn’t catch a picture of either. I have to see if one of the moms got the pictures.

All in all it was an awesome experience and I like I said I would like to return in Spring when it’s warmer so we can see the outside cars and I can share better pictures with more of the trains in them. The train I was thinking of earlier was the Big Boy. It literally was a Big Boy that is for sure. The kids looked so small next to the train.

6 Responses to “Wordful Wednesday – National RailRoad Musuem”

  • 1
    Sandy says:

    My boys would have loved that when they were little! They were so into trains!

    admin Reply:

    They would have. It was really neat. The kids could sit right at the seats in the engine. They even had a Thomas the Train birthday room on one of the cars.

  • 2
    Russ says:

    I love the picture of Brittany by the snowman. They are all great shots.

    admin Reply:

    Thank you Russ. I wish I could have posted more but since they are not my kids I didn’t feel it was right to post them. So later this year I will go again and take pictures again so you can see the Bigger Trains. I know Dakota will be excited to go.

  • 3
    stationery says:

    Looks amazing pity they grow up soo quickly and their tastes change

    admin Reply:

    Isn’t that the truth

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