Word For the Year 2017 – JOY

My word for the 2017 is Joy. Joy is defined as the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally satisfying. I can’t think of a more great word to have for the year.

2017 hasn’t started off as the greatest. In fact it is starting very similar to last year with my health. Very frustrating times at the moment. If you would have asked me two weeks ago what my word would have been for the year. I really couldn’t have said anything positive. I was really in a dark place. Being in that dark place, well that is not me. Lots of things have not gotten done because of it. Two weeks ago, two amazing people pulled me out of that dark funk, with so much laughter and love. They are amazing people and they just know the rights moments to make you laugh and giggle and just forget about everything. If it weren’t for them really, I don’t think I would have came up with that word.

We have been working on a Bible study for Trials. I really don’t want to focus on the trials that I am going through. I want to focus on all the Joy and all the things that make me happy. There is so much that we have to look forward to this year that we know of. I am sure there are many unexpected things that will come up to that will bring us a lot of joy.

One way for me to learn Joy is I want to do a Bible Study on it. I haven’t started and I was hoping to. Once I start it and if I find some amazing things in that study, I will be sure to share and add them as updates through the year. It’s a great reminder where our Joy really comes from. It comes from Jesus! I think sometimes we forget about that. I wish I had that awesome verse picked out to share with this post. I didn’t want to just rush it and find something. I want to find a verse that really means something to me.

The pastor said something that has stuck with me for a while. It was something about you choose to have a good day or bad day. In all reality I think parts of our day are influenced by events that happen. Again we have the choice to a better outcome if we choose Joy! I really believe that.

The people that bring me the biggest joy are my kids. Every little giggle, laugh, smile, and all the little things they do. Watching them grow is just such a blessing. I am truly blessed with great family and friends! There has been so much laughter this past year. You all know who you are and what I am talking about. There are days I have never laughed so hard in my life. Many of our fun little adventures. I hope to have many more of those adventures this year!

No matter what you are going through, I wish you all JOY!! There is no better word for me this year! I choose JOY!

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