Wonders Of The World Lap-Pak Review – Hands on History!!

Do you enjoy doing hands on activities with your children? I absolutely love when we can do hands on activities to further our learning. Home School in the Woods is a hands on history company with many different product lines: Lap-Paks, Activity-Paks, and  Time Travelers American History. We have used a few of their Lap-Paks and have really enjoyed them in the past. My son and I are excited that we were able to review Wonders of the World, found in the Lap-Paks series. If your looking for something to spruce up your history, I would highly suggest checking out what Home School in the Woods has to offer.

Wonders of the World has been so very interesting to us as there were some that we actually never knew about. There are several wonders all over the world and I think the ones in this Lap-Pak are very worthy of recognition. In this particular Lap-Pak there are four different categories: Ancient, Medieval, Modern, and Natural. It really is very neat because it gives you a glimpse into each of the different wonders discussed. Who knew that the Northern Lights would be considered one of the wonders of the world. I wouldn’t have thought that. I have only seen them in pictures but I am sure they are an amazing sight to see.

You can purchase this via CD or Download. This is compatible for grades 3 – 8. There are 23 different lap booking projects. We did our slightly different and I will explain that later. You find creative writing, coloring, drawing, research and more.

I received the download for this review. I had to print from different sections and I will try to explain them so you can get a visual. In the download you have an image file. In that file you will see different logos and pictures of the completed projects. This gives you a visual as to what you will be working. There is an MP3 folder. In that folder is the readings where you can listen to it by audio and it is grouped the the four different categories I mentioned earlier. You have a pdf folder. You have a document that tells you about the projects and the supplies you will need a head of time. There are also resources for books and websites for further learning.


Then you have a Text Assignments & Project Directions. Each project is broken down and it tells you what item you will need to print to complete the projects. It is also a guide as to what you will be reading. Everything is laid out for you. You can choose to print it or not. I choose to print it as it was a nice guide for me to mark when we completed it. It also was there if I needed to directions on this would have had to be completed.

The nice thing about the reading text is that you can print it in one of two ways. You can print it in full size or you can print it in a booklet form. I have done both and I like the full size print.

Then you have the printables you will need to print for your lap book. As you work through the projects. They are labeled so you can find them very easily.

Some of the topics in this book are: The Great Barrier Reef, Stonehenge, The Golden Gate Bridge, Victoria Falls, and many more.


I used this with my son. We started out doing 2 projects a week but then summer got a little busy with sickness going through the house and then the Fourth of July Week was busy with the holiday and birthday parties. We then went down to a project a week. It was nice to work it this way. We would incorporate videos we found online to continue further our learning. We did a little extra research as well during the week. Taking this extra time to learn was actually really beneficial as my son is both a hands on learner and a visual learner.

We were surprised with some of the wonders as we have never heard of them. One we never heard of was The Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria. I had no idea it was one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World. It stood 400 feet high on the island of Pharos in the harbor of Alexandria, Egypt. It later was toppled by an earthquake. It was designed by a Greek Architect. I kinda found that very fascinating. If you really know me you know I have a love of light houses!! We created several cards like these for the wonders we have learned about. One side is the picture and on the back is the facts. It is stored in a little pocket.

We did ours a little differently. We didn’t put ours in a folder. I used a notebook to put our pages in. It’s easier for me as everything we are working on is in one place. We can also add others that we are working on to it. It’s nice for memories as well. I feel its a little more protected then a folder. It’s in a book format. My son really seems to like that better.

I really enjoy using these Lap-Paks. The reason being is really everything you need is all right there. You have the reading and don’t have to go hunting. You are given extra resources if you want to you use them for further study. You can add in things. You really can go at your own pace. I like the fact that there are directions for putting this lap book pieces together as well. The directions are well written. The reading is very easy to follow. You know where you need to read and when. My favorite part is that this is hands on.

New Items To Share: 

Make-A-State-Activity – is new to the Activity-Paks line. I am rather interested in this as we are currently working on learning the 50 states. You have masters for the states to do your own research. There is a set of state pages that contain things like symbols and facts, suggestions of people born in the state, and options for historical significance. There is also different activity topics such as recipes, art, geography maps, and more. What I find as a nice bonus is Name That State! File Folder Game.  It is one that I am definitely considering on purchasing in the near future.

Time line Trios also seem very interesting to me as well. I like the fact that you get a hardcover 3 ring binder with it. I love the ivory colored pages in it that create the time lines. Of course that is something that your student would fill in. There are 17 pages of ancient and modern maps. A signature to personalize the book. This seems like a really nice keepsake. The collection of figures on cd look interesting as well. This particular item you can use for K – 12.

I also want to mention something new called A-La-Carte. The A-La-Carte is where you can buy individual projects in stead of a who unit study. So if you want to supplement what you are working on this could be a very great addition. Right now you can receive a FREE Erie Canal Project by adding it to your cart and putting in the code alacart in the discount code bar. Did you know it is the 200th anniversary of the Erie Canal??


I want to recommend the U.S. Elections Lap-Pak. I know the elections are over. I worked through this with my son as it was going to be a little harder for him to understand. I found it very interesting to learn about. It took you through the whole election process. From the beginning to the end. When I say beginning  you can see how much it has changed over time. You really learn what goes on through the process as well. You can read my review HERE.

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