Winter Fun: NonFiction Book, Snow Experiment, and Snowflake Craft

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Today the schools were closed due to the windchill being -45 F. We my kids don’t stop school because of the weather. We couldn’t go outside as it was to cold. You would get frostbite in about 5 minutes. So I figured today we would do something different for reading and a little more hands on. I think we spent almost 2 hours on our activities.

The first thing we did was read a nonfiction book called Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin. Wilson Bentley loved snow. He wanted to show people the beauty of snowflakes. He in the late 1800’s. He bought a camera and did many experiments trying to capture the beauty of snowflakes. Until he finally did it. He wrote a book and sold his pictures. He didn’t make much. He learned that no two snowflakes were ever the same. Very interesting read!

Main Idea

I explained to the kids that a main idea was what the story was about. I wrote on our board: Wilson Bentley loved snow more then anything. I explained that the supporting details in the book would explain why Wilson Bentley loved snow more then anything.

We proceeded to talk about the story. Here is a list of my questions:

What did Wilson Bentley like to do on a snow day?

What do you like to do on a snow day?

What surprised Wilson Bentley when he used a microscope to look at the snowflakes?

Why was it important to Wilson to buy a new camera? How did is family feel?

What was the nickname the town gave to Wilson Bentley?


When we were finished discussing the book we also read the following books:

Sadie and the Snowman by Allen Morgan

Runaway Mittens by Jean Rogers

Owl Moon By Jane Yolen


Blizzard In A bucket


Then I pulled out our Blizzard In A Bucket. This is very messy but the kids had a blast. You actually make your own snow and there is many different experiments to explore snow. We didn’t use it all as we will save this for summer. You have a nice plastic yellow tarp to lay out, bucket, shovel, measuring spoon, plastic cup, and snow powder. All you need is water.

I will show you the video of how it looks:

I did let my daughter play with the snow for a little bit. She liked scooping it up and loved the feel in her hands. It was cold but not packy.

We also set a glass outside for a minute. The glass did get frosty an we added about a 1/2 cup of cold water to the snow and we formed snowballs. You had to be careful as they would break when you set them down. Then once we formed them we put them in the freezer. Let me tell you they were rock hard! 

The last thing we did that day was Snowflake Art.

Britt Snowflake

Dakota Snowflake

What You Need: 

  • construction paper
  • glue
  • bowl
  • spoon
  • sugar
  • glitter


Sugar glittar mixture

Fill the bowl with sugar. I maybe put in about 1/2 cup sugar. Then I added different colors of glitter (silver, blue flakes, and dark blue glitter). I mixed up the sugar and glitter and set on the table with a spoon in bowl.

On the piece of construction (color is your choice) I took the glue bottle an drew a snowflake on the paper.

Dakota working on snowflake

When I was finished drawing the snowflake with glue, I had the kids spoon the sugar glitter mixture over the glue.

Once you have your paper covered. I put the excess back in the bowl.

Let dry and hang up!

5 Responses to “Winter Fun: NonFiction Book, Snow Experiment, and Snowflake Craft”

  • 1
    Shecki says:

    Snowflake Bentley was a favorite of ours! 🙂 Great snow craft. I wouldn’t have thought to mix sugar in! We did snowy scenes with salt, which is the same idea, I suppose.
    Shecki´s last blog post ..Trebellina Music DVD

    admin Reply:

    I forgot about the salt. We really liked Snowflake Bentley. There is actually lots to learn from that book and I think I might work on stuff for next year steaming off that book.

  • 2
    Sue says:

    Looks like a lot of fun with the different snow experiments! I love the snowflake pictures 🙂
    Sue´s last blog post ..Christmas Money

    admin Reply:

    There was a bunch of snow experiments. We didn’t do them all but what we did do, the kids had a blast. I really like how the pictures turned out.

  • 3
    Bethany says:

    What a fun day! I love the Blizzard activity.

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