Winter Field Trip To The Wildlife Sanctuary

Winter Themed Field Trip

Since we are still working on our winter theme, we decided that we would head to the Wildlife Sanctuary and observe our surroundings. The point of this field trip was to observe how it looked as well as how the animals acted and what they were doing.

We started out in the building and let the kids burn off some energy. We also did an indoor scavenger hunt since many of the things we wouldn’t find out doors this time of year. Once finished we decided to take a walk toward the wolves. We didn’t go past the wolves because we were running out of time. It’s ok because what we did see was amazing.

For our winter theme we went to the Wild Life Sanctuary and observed the animals. The wolves were so active and many were howling with the kids.#winter #wiwx #wolves

Posted by Super Mommy To The Rescue on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The wolves were very active. They would run along the fence and follow my son. They even came up to the fence and started howling along with the kids. This time it wasn’t just one, it was a few of them. I never heard that many wolves howl at one time before. The kids really enjoyed it as well. To see the video of the wolves click the hyperlink above, and it will take you to the Facebook fan page.

Red Fox

The red fox was zipping all around his area. It was nice to see him running and pacing back and forth in his area. Normally he is sleeping high up on the rocks. With the snow on the ground the red fox’s colors are beautiful.


Here is a picture of one of the wolves. I think I took this when my son stopped running back and forth with them. He took a look at us and started howling. They are much easier to see with the snow on the ground. In the spring it’s hard to find them as they hide better and seem to be more sleepy.

Mountain Lion 1

The mountain lion was hard to capture on camera as she would be running and jumping all around her area. She finally laid down on the rock and I was able to catch her picture. It was nice to see her moving around because she is normally always up on the rocks at the top of her area sleeping. She normally is to far away for a picture. It was really nice to see her active.

FullSizeRender 5

The flying squirrels are really fun to watch. I never thought I could get a picture of it. In fact I never seen them up close before either. These little critters are really quick in movement. They jump around a lot and make it hard for you to spot them. So it was nice to be able to see them at their feeding time.


The bobcats were my favorite. There were two of them in their area. They were both playing with each other. One was even rolling in the snow. They are quick and they look liked they had fun as well.

On our way home, I spent time with the kids talking about which animal they liked the most. Of course the answer was the wolves as we stayed by them the longest. We also talked about winter and the weather. Of course we know it’s cold and their is snow. This was actually the first snowfall of the year. This snow isn’t lasting to long as it is raining today and the snow is starting to disappear. I am glad we went when we did. My favorite time to go is when the animals area active. You never know what you will experience. Each time there is something that makes some sort of wonderful memory.

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