WildLife Sanctuary – It’s Nesting Time

I love taking the kids to the Wild Life Sanctuary. It doesn’t matter what time of the year you go. You really never have the same experience as something new always pops up, or something magical happens with the animals. It’s spring here right now so it’s mating season for a lot of the animals. It was not a cold day, but not a warm day either. It was gloomy with no sunshine but it was great to get out and take that walk.

When we first arrived at the Wild Life Sanctuary this little guy or gal was taking its sweet time crossing the street. Now that it is nesting time and for the next few months you really have to watch out for the geese and the ducks as the like to be in the roads in and around the Wild Life Sanctuary.

Here is some of the images you will find around the Wild Life Sanctuary. Apparently it is nesting season. Although I think it’s just beginning because I didn’t really see any built up nests around them. I don’t think any of them have laid eggs yet. We will go back and visit sometime later this week. This was the closest to a nest that I could find until the very end of my walk through the Wild Life Sanctuary. That is a really awesome picture I will share later. There was one goose that kinda hissed at us as we were walking toward him. So we kind of detoured around him. He then decided to chase another goose away. He literally kept chasing it. As we walked through looking that the birds we had a goose follow us. It was sweet as it just wanted corn. It wasn’t trying to chase us a way. Another goose started hissing and it turned the other way. I kinda felt bad for that Goose. The males pretty much hiss more then the females.



This  picture is of a Green  Heron. I don’t recall ever seeing this bird around here. In fact I never heard of a Green  Heron. I have heard of the Blue Heron. So I guess in the near future I will be making a unit study up of the Green Heron so we can learn more about it. I noticed it did have some long feathers on the back of his head. You can kind see them if you look to the left. You can see the white on top of the dark feathers. They are very thin.

In this picture you see the male and female Canadian Geese. The one that is standing up is the male. He did a lot of hissing at us. The female just kind looked at us and really didn’t care about us. I don’t see a nest under her so there is no egg. This is why I think we are in the beginning stages of nesting.


I am not really sure what kind of turtle this is. I don’t think it is a painted turtle because the shell was too round. It looks like he is holding on for dear life. There was a bigger turtle that was laying in front of the glass. This little painter turtle came up and poked it and boy did that big turtle moved fast. I had to chuckle because this painted turtle was no bigger then my hand. LOL

This was actually my favorite picture of the geese. It actually looks like it is on a nest but I didn’t see another goose around. So I am not sure if this one is nesting or not. It may have just found a comfortable spot to sleep. I will pay attention when I am there next week.



This was the first time I have ever seen the turkey on the walking trails. They normally are in the same are the deer are in. This turkey was surely strutting his stuff. However, the females didn’t seem to want to pay no mind to him. First he wasn’t going to let me take a picture of him. He kept turning on me. Finally I was able to get this picture. It was such an awesome site as I wasn’t really far away from him.


I love coming in spring. It’s like a new beginning of new things. I love seeing the geese nesting. I can do with out the hissing and squacking. It’s nice to see the different stages of the nesting. Once in a while if your lucky you can see the eggs that they are sitting on. They are all around the wild life sanctuary. In time after they are done you will see the little ducklings all around. That is my ultimate favorite thing to see. Each week will go and write our changes that we notice. Visiting also gives me new ideas for unit studies.

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