Weis Earth Science Museum – Spur of the Moment Field Trip

Weis Earth Science Museum

Today we headed to the Weis Earth Science Museum for a spur of the moment field trip. We couldn’t make it to Neenah in time for the showing/funeral service of my husband’s uncle. My daughter had a doctor’s appointment this morning. He did make an appearance with my son to the gathering. He dropped off my daughter and I at the museum.

The museum was very interesting. It contains information about history of Wisconsin and science.  It’s not very big and probably only took us 30 minutes to go through.

T Rex Claw

T Rex Head

We started out by looking at different rocks, maps, and of course fossils. There were fossils of some type of elephant that was found to be in Wisconsin during the ice age. You got to run your fingers over the gums. They only had 4 teeth. 2 upper and 2 lower teeth. They are said to be brown and wooly. We also saw Tyrannosaurus Rex’s claw, head and tooth. The claw is actually pretty big. It is bigger then a human hand. We also saw eggs and what one of the dinosaurs looked like in the egg. I believe that was from the Cretaceous period.

Ground Water




Old mine Cart

Then we went into an area that talked about mining. It talked about water in the caves and stalagmites in the caves. We even seen pieces that you would find in a cave. There was a little booth that my daughter could set off dynamite on tv and watch it explode in the quarry. She wasn’t sure what to make of that at first. Then we learned about some old tools, saw the hard hats. We saw different pieces that were minded in Wisconsin. There was copper and it wasn’t what I expected it to look like. Then we were able to walk through a cave that was suppose to be a mine. There was an old car on the other side.

We saw different rocks and petrified trees. We did learn that the first Native Americans in the area first mined near Lake Superior where there was volcanic rock. I don’t know exactly what they found. My daughter was rushing me through. We also seen different tools that were made for mining. There was a microscope that you could look through to see how geologists studied rocks. That was really interesting. There were several different slides.

Favorite Chalk Tracing Stencil


Chalk Stencil of a Fern

Then on another wall there was metal that you could make your own chalk rubbings of fossils. My daughter did every single one and she had a blast. I took a picture of which one was her favorite.

Earthquake Jumper Brittany


Seisomograph of Earthquake Brittany


Plate Boundries

We also watched a volcano explode. We learned a little bit about earthquakes. She could jump and make earthquakes and the seismograph would go up and down. She does know that measures the vibrations in earth quakes. We also got to see how the plates moved in the past and what they may look like in the future. The earth sure will look different if that is how it pans out to be.

Then we finished up and headed to the gift shop. We picked up a growing dinosaur for her and her brother and then some sort of flying contraption that lights up. Even though I was rushed through it and didn’t get to read as much as I wanted to. I still had fun and she had fun doing the hands on activities.

static hair

We did have a giggle for a moment as my daughter had so much static electricity that her hair was standing up.

I would like to arrange a field trip with a homeschool group at some point. They have a guided tour and more hands on activities that are not made available to the public.

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