Weekly Wild Life Sanctuary Visit- Still Nesting

This week we went to the Wild Life Sanctuary again to see what stage the geese where in with there nesting. On the way there we read a book about birds, eggs, and nests. It was actually very interesting to hear the kids read about the different birds. We have robins here and I had no idea they liked berries such as raspberries and cherries. As we walked we looked for nests and the birds we read about. We did see a lot of robins.


We finally had the chance to see the flying squirrels. This little guy we peeking out of the little house for a while. He looked like he was chewing at the hole there too. He did come out for a brief minute and then ran back into the house and started peeking again. We must have watched him for a good 5 – 10 minutes.



This guy was looking down at us as we were coming out of the tunnel from the pond. We were heading to the birds side of the Wild Life Sanctuary. He did honk to let us know he was watching us.



This was the first duck I have seen nesting in all the years I have been there. Normally the ducks are nesting on the island I think. This one was in a cage with some other ducks that I normally don’t see in the wild. She was pretty patient with people looking down at her level from the other side of the fence.



The hawk was being pretty playful with the stick. First time I ever saw something like this while I was there. Normally he is sitting up on the perch towards the top. He was whipping the stick around almost like he wanted to play fetch.



Now this is how you know the geese have laid eggs as they have the nests built around them and you can see the feathers on the nests. This was another one that was so patient just watching you. The male wasn’t around to honk at us as he was chasing away the other birds. She didn’t squak or honk at us.



One of the geese were up with the male and honking. I am really surprised she wasn’t sitting on the nest. I was lucky enough to catch a picture of the eggs. I think this is the most I have ever seen in one nest. It takes about 25 – 30 days before the eggs will hatch. The little goslings can walk, swim, and feed in 24 hours. I am really looking forward to see the babies. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. I am guessing it will be about 2 – 3 weeks yet before they hatch.



This time around my son went with us. It’s amazing looking back at all the pictures of the many times we have been there and seeing how much they have grown.

So that was our trip this week. It has been an amazing visit as we have seen some new things. Every time you go there is a different experience. We hope to see the otters out next time we go.


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