My Week In Review – Week #19


Welcome to a peek inside what our week was this past week. I am linking up to My Week In Review hosted by Home to 4 Kiddos.

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Last weekend we finally got some packing snow. In fact it was the first time in a long time we have had packing snow. Last year we got snow but then it was to bitter cold to go out and enjoy it. So even though we didn’t feel the greatest and it was not bitter cold we all went outside to build snowmen. We had a blast. I paid for it as I ended up with a sinus infection, bronchitis and the start of pneumonia, but it was worth it to see the kids have fun.

This week my daughter worked through her lessons in All About Reading. At times she gets some of her vowels confused but she is working through and I think she is doing well. She is progressing well. I really enjoy listening to her read the stories. I am thinking of heading to the library next week to see if I can find a good chapter book for us to start reading together.

In math she is doing really well. This she took a test on adding 0’s and 1’s and the next chapter was writing and counting to 100. It has taken her a lot longer this week to do her math as it’s a lot of writing for her to do two sheets. She is retaining and that is a good thing. I love that she knows the colors of the blocks with out her looking at them. She can visually see them. Each time she is asked to say and build a number she likes to do her design, or maybe I should say building with the manipulative.

In language arts she has been working on ABC Mouse, we have been working on Days of the Weeks, Months, and Holidays. She is learning what they are and how to capitalize them. We are continuing on in spelling again. I had stopped it for a bit while she was working on letter sounds and now that she has them down pat and is begging to read I have started up again. We are using Spelling U See. She is doing really well in it now.

Science we took a break from this week. We have focused on George Washington this week. I have some crafts but we didn’t get to them yet. She was doing some reading comprehension sheets about George Washington. We have been reading books about him as well.

get-attachment (6)

We had one session in art this week. We did one of the lessons in our Artistic Pursuits. I had scheduled it for every day this week but we only got to it once.

STEM, 100 Building Block Challenge

We also did a STEM challenge with using 100 blocks. I was very surprised that she grasped the concept of it. She was to build a building that didn’t fall. She decided to make it wider instead of taller. She said that it needed a solid base. Which is pretty good for a 6 year old. Her building did not fall!

My son finished reading his Magic Tree House Ghost Town book. Now we started on the next book called Pirates Past Noon. As we read we are working on lapbook, which we are putting in a notebook instead of a folder so if he wants to he can go back and look at it and it’s all in one place. He really likes this series. I offered him a chance to find a different series of books but he said no.

My son is also working in Math U SEE. He had a test this week that he passed and is currently working on the next chapter.


We had geography one day this week because of being sick and then I added in extra science this week. For geography we did an activity and that was to find the latitude and longitude of our town, capital, and other places that were given to us. He had to find the degrees, minutes, and seconds. It was actually very fun to do. We looked them up and as we looked them up we were able to zoom in and look at the places. We went a bit further on our own and started looking up other places as well. Guess you can say my son got a little carried away but that is a good thing for him as he does not like doing school work. I like that North Star Geography has been bring another side out of my son. One that is intrigued about learning. When we did the maritime museum exhibit and were looking at the pirate exhibit we did see a sundial navigation tool. I was proud that he pointed that out. Not often do you get to see something like that from the past.

In science we have been studying about Atmosphere. We have been using SD Accelerate. I guess it was the wrong kind of day because he bombed the quiz the first time around.

In Language in he had a test this week and he did awesome! He is retaining things so nicely and I am grateful for that. It’s one subject he doesn’t like that we have to keep short or he won’t retain it. He did get 100%. We also went on to start the next lessons. In spelling we are still trucking through that like any other week. Writing is coming along slowly but we are working on it.

get-attachment (3)

My son also participated in the 100 block STEM challenge we did. He built his building wider and not taller. He said the higher you go the more wobbly the blocks are. He knew that the base needed to be solid. I plan on having him do some research into building and then we will attempt this challenge again to see if it is any different.

My son also did the same lesson my daughter did in Artistic Pursuits. Again we only did one lesson this week.

Saturday is normally skating. My daughter will miss it for a second week in a row. I think she has a sinus infection but I can’t get her in to see anyone until Monday. If she is worse while I am in town tomorrow I will see if the pediatrician is open and see if I can get her in.

It has been so bitter cold that my car has not wanted to start. I need a cold cranking battery so that is being replaced tomorrow. I dislike feeling stranded and not being able to go anywhere if I need to.

Hope you all had a good week.


8 Responses to “My Week In Review – Week #19”

  • 1

    Look at that snowman! It’s been a long, long time since one of the kids have made a snowman around here!

    A week filled with fun learning! Don’t you just love wooden blocks? Like Legos, creativity abounds with them!

    I hear you on the cold! It’s been kinda miserable here. Yesterday I had frozen water pipes and water pump! But the van started. (Not everyone’s vehicle did…) Fortunately we moved up to single digits today, a 20+ degree warm-up! 😉
    Jessy at Our Side of the Mountain´s last blog post ..Weekly Wrap-up: Week 14 – Back from Break with NEWS

    admin Reply:

    It probably has been two years since the kids could build a snowman. Last year when it snowed it was windy and when it didn’t snow it was bitter cold. We didn’t even get to go sledding. That day we built snowmen was perfect it was not bitter cold and it was packy! My car hasn’t started for the last three days. My husband put it on the charger last night. This morning he took it in for a new battery. A cold cranking amp battery. It’s been miserable. I do love legos too. I love seeing the kids creativity.

  • 2
    zekesmom10 says:

    We’re moving into the coldest part of the year here. Won’t be long before we have more subzero temps. But it’s a trade off with more sun, so… 🙂 We’ll be blowing freezing bubbles like we do every year. I think this is the first year Merrick will get anything out of that experiment. Those block buildings are great. What a fun project!
    zekesmom10´s last blog post ..New Math for the New Year

    admin Reply:

    I totally forgot about blowing freezing bubbles. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  • 3
    Monique says:

    Love the hat! It’s always fun to see what kids will create with blocks. Mine have been really into creating with Lego blocks lately.

    admin Reply:

    Mine like Lego’s but at times they just can’t get into them when I say lets do this. My daughter loves to build things but she sure does have her moods of when she wants too. The hat is super cut. She got that from her brother from Christmas.

  • 4
    Jen says:

    I do the same thing… plan art everyday and get to it once, maybe twice. Looks like a fun week and I hope you’re on the mend!!
    Jen´s last blog post ..Week in Review: First Week Back

    admin Reply:

    We only got to it once last week and I don’t know if we will get to it this week or not. It’s a busy and crazy week for us. We are doing better then last week. Wish my daughters headache would go away.

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