Our Week In Review – Germies Hit

Our week wasn’t very productive as we got hit with the germies again. I am really tired of all this sickness. The way the weather has been it surely doesn’t help our cause. I would really just like to evict the germies.

My daughter gave us a scare and we almost ended up in the ER. She still has a low grade fever today but seems to be doing better. Hoping that fever breaks soon. She has bronchitis. My son’s fever finally broke yesterday and he was feeling great again!

Brittany was excited to finish learning about multiplication this week. She was really happy to have had a good score. Dakota has been practicing addition and subtraction. Trying to finish one of our books until we can switch math curriculum at tax time.

Brittany has been learning about the African Grasslands for Science and the different animals of the grasslands. Dakota has been studying different habitats. We are waiting on our books to come for his science so we are reading a different book each day until they get here. So far we have read about prairies and deserts.

Brittany finished up her Christmas Around The World this week and we will be starting Ancient Greece next week. My son has been working on America The Beautiful. We are to the point where Jamestown was organized, and we learned about Pocahontes. This upcoming week we will be making a Pocahontes museum.

Grammar and spelling we are trucking through. Reading we are listening to audio books right now.

Dakota started his 3D Character Animation and is really liking the course. Brittany started the Fashion Design but the farthest we got at the moment is to install the software.

Not really anything exciting to report this week. Hopefully next week I will have different pictures of what we are working on. Can’t wait for the field trips to begin again.


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