Week In Our Homeschool – Week 2 – New Things

This week we started a couple of new things. I wish it was our new curriculum but that has to wait a little bit yet. I suppose you could so though these new things are new to us. I will explain later in this post. Our week was alright, we hit a couple speed bumps this week, because of a couple meetings. This week should be back to normal. I wanted to post this last night but our game night went pretty late.

This week for science my daughter started working on Wild Kratts Session 1 with Homeschooling With Minecraft. She has been loving it. One of the things she said to me was that she thinks she wants to be a marine biologist because she wants to find the Kraken. A Kraken was a giant squid. This week we learned about alligators, crocodiles, and squids. I am totally shocked by how big squids can get. I also never knew that they study crocodiles in winter because they are less aggressive. It was amazing watching people get up close with them. Of course her assignment is to build a project. My favorite was the crocodile in it’s habitat. She also had to build a nest with eggs. Of course the eggs were hidden and buried.

This past week we started watching Drive Thru History – American History. We learned about Columbus, which is nothing new as we have done a bigger study on him. We also learned about Kengis Khan and his history. It also talked about Marco Polo and Amerigo Vesspuchi. I am sure I probably just botched his name. My son really seemed to like this series. So we will continue to watch them. We get to see them using SchoolhouseTeachers.com membership.

In language we have been working on commas. My son has been struggling with punctuation. He is doing a pretty good job learning where to put them. So once again I will take the mile stones!! My daughter has been loving journaling. This new language arts curriculum has been wonderful!

We will be starting book reports really soon. The kids are reading everyday. I think my daughter will finish her book in the next day or two. So we will finally be getting to a book report.

My son didn’t have his Job Explorer class as it was canceled. The weather was in the 40s for two days and there was a lot of melting. We had a flash freeze that night and then some snow. On a good note we did go to the grocery store and he did ask for his first job application. I was super excited! We asked for two as he needed one for class. One we will fill out together and return. Makes me feel kind of old. Kids grow up way to fast.

Saturday was youth archery. My daughter is loving it. Her face when she got a bullseye was priceless. She was also excited to have popped a balloon this week. At the end the kids that pop a balloon get a ticket for a treat. It’s kind of a neat incentive. All the kids have really improved since last week. Looking forward to next week.

My daughter was also excited as she made dinner on Saturday night. Her choice was tater tot casserole. I did have to help her with the meat just a bit, but other then that she did everything on her own. It turned out really well.

Sunday we had our family game night. We picked up Sushi Go, but we have to watch a video to see how to play it. So we tried Dragonwood, which was a big hit. We also played Sleeping Queens. Those are our two new favorites so far. We have other games to try that we recently bought as well. Next week I will hit the thrift stores again to see if I can find some new games. I will be ordering Go Nuts for Donuts this week from Amazon.

I have to say this weekend was full of a lot of laughs. Just seeing my kids get along and making jokes is heart warming. This week will bring some interesting things.

Hope you have an amazing week!

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