Our Week of Homeschool Week 1 – New Years

I can’t believe another year has come and gone already. Goodbye 2017…..Hello 2018. I hope that 2018 is a much better year. There are many things to look forward to this year. As they happen I will fill you in 🙂 Don’t want to say to much and jinx myself, I am really good at that. There are something that I have been really thinking about lately and want to make some changes. We have had a rough end to 2017 and 2018 isn’t starting off the best either. So I need to do what I think is best.

I have decided to step down from my position as Leader in Girl Scouts. I also have decided that we are not going to do 8 weeks of co-op. The reason is I can’t make long term commitments. I didn’t ask for September on to happen, I never asked for my Dad to be sick and be in and out of the hospital. I feel so pressured if I have to cancel something. I shouldn’t have to feel pressured or guilty about my decisions. Also the beauty of being in homeschool is our day can be flexible, which means we could be having some of the things planned during the day, rather then later at night. I also have to drive a distance to these things. Part of me is tired of driving and getting back so late as well.  I am on the mend…I hope I didn’t jinx myself there. My dad is slowly mending after being really sick. I have also learned something this past year. I don’t need a big group to have fun with hands on learning. A small group of 1 – 3 families was perfect. We could easily plan and change things a lot easier then a bigger group. The cost of supplies isn’t hardly anything as well pitched in. I also had more fun just doing spur of the moment things as well. Yes some things were planned, but the spur of the moment was nice. I could say yes or no and not feel guilty or pressured with my decision. I have also been trying really hard to come up with a word for the year….it’s been hard to limit it to just one. So I need a little more time to think on it.

Now on to our week: This week was cute short with the fact that we had New Years Day on Monday. Tuesday I had a meeting and that kind of messed up our day. Wednesday and Thursday we had great days. I made another change to Dakota’s curriculum for now. We are working with a computer program for his language arts. It covers writing and grammar. I can’t say that he likes it or not yet. I know that he gets frustrated with it period!

My daughter and I watched a episode to the Galapagos Islands. It was very interesting to see just how many different species of animals and islands there were. We learned some new things about the animals as well. I had no idea that there were marine iguanas. They only lasted about 10 minutes in deep water eating algae before they swim back up to the top. My son just continued his learning of the History of Video Games.

For science my daughter watched MC Squared. We were going to do some sort of experiment to go along with the video but she wasn’t interested in it. She wanted to do her make up kit that she got from Christmas. You make your own make up. We didn’t do that yet though. My son continued to work Star Wars science. I had him make Yoda out of String Art. We could a pattern and I placed dots on the wood. My son pounded in all the nails and I showed him how to add the yarn. He did have some issues towards the end with his fine motor.

Friday was our Homeschool Bowling League. There was a better turn out then last term. My daughter was super excited to have found a pink ball. I don’t think the pins really liked her this time around, as she didn’t get many spares or strikes this time.

My daughter has also been working on her Knights Arena on MineCraft. She has spent hours on this so far. I am not sure if she is finished or not. She seems to have been adding to it. She decided to build this all on her own.

Yesterday was the start to two months worth of Archery. My daughter had such a good time. She already knows how to shoot bow, but she still is a beginner. There was a nice turn out of kids. It will be interesting to see how many return next week.

We end the week of all of us being sick again. I am so tired of the germs spreading like wildflowers. I hope that this doesn’t last long for us, as there are a couple things I would like to do this week.

Hope you all have a great week!

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