Our Week of Homeschool – And A Mini Getaway

This week went by so fast but ended on a really fun note for the kids. We actually got away for a night and I even got to tie homeschool into our get away! I love when I can do that. What’s even more I love that the kids had fun! I am waiting patiently for the end of the month to come so I can order our new curriculum for the year.

Monday – We had a pretty typical day. We listened to our audio books. My son started working on studying Ecuador. My daughter is continuing learning about Ancient Greece. My daughter started working on money for math and she got a little stuck with learning how to do change. She practiced and practiced! I think she had finally gotten it down. She has been working hard in Language Arts. I really like the curriculum we are currently reviewing called Eclectic Foundations. I love how they color code the words into categories like nouns, verbs, etc. I noticed that it is helping her and we are review it every day. I added into what we are already doing. More will come on that in a review later.

Tuesday –  Science has been fun with my daughter. We have been studying the desert. One of the things we did was put an egg in vinegar and see what it does the next day. I think we went a little longer then 24 hours. As Wednesday we had running to do. It was really neat to find out that the vinegar took the calcium off the egg. It turned into a soft shell. What we didn’t now was that is how soft reptile eggs are. So that was really interesting for us to learn. My son has still been studying desert, rainforest, and savanna’s yet. We had to order a book and wait for it to get here so we shall finish off what we need to next week. I had him take his quiz early as I was trying really hard to find a diorama kit for him but I couldn’t find one. So instead we will draw a habitat next week.

Wednesday – We had some running to do that day. We ended up heading to Hobby Lobby. I only wanted to pick up a couple things. I walked out of there with more then I planned. My daughter has an interest in Fashion Design as you know and I found the perfect little kit for her but that will have to wait until we figure out how to sew. I have been wanting to start learning and teaching her but we just haven’t made the time or had the time. I was thinking of what to get my son that would help work on fine motor and I found a jewelry making kit. We figured he might like to make his girl friend a bracelet and there was a guy looking one in there to he could make for himself. I also found some string and camoflauged skull beads that he could string his own bracelet. I picked up some modeling magic clay for him to use. I like the fact that it doesn’t dry out. I also picked up some black paper to work on more soft pastel drawings with my daughter. I picked up charcoal sticks to use for the first time in a drawing. I don’t think I did to bad for the first time. However, I need more practice. It will come as I play around with it more. Then we went and did some major grocery shopping.

Thursday – My daughter is still working on desert animals for science. We made an egg carton camel for an activity. We read a story about desert animals and then she had to write a few things she thought was interesting. We actually finished the egg experiment on Thursday but because I had another picture I figured I would post it first. My daughter nailed money! She finished up. It’s something we will have to work on but at least she got it down. We then moved onto patterns.

Friday – We decided to cancel the classes I had scheduled and head down to Oshkosh to the EAA Museum. We decided that we were going to spend the night in Oshkosh so we checked into our room first and then headed to the museum. I was a little worried we wouldn’t get to see everything in 2 1/2 hours but we did. I don’t want to say to much because I want to share some of the really interesting things about the museum in another post. The lady was so kind and she was going to let us come back Saturday if we didn’t finish but we did. It was the most amazing experience. It was well worth the money spent. It exceed my expectations. I have many favorites, but the Kids Adventure was my favorite part. So many different hands on things for the kids to do. After we finished with the museum we headed to Walmart to get some snacks and we picked up dinner and headed back to the room. Our friends came and we spent two hours swimming in the pool. I had some adult time visiting with them. I thought the kids would zonk out after their day. It took them a while to fall asleep.

Saturday – We headed to Neenah to one of our favorite parks. We took the kids to the park to play and pokeman hunt. We weren’t the only ones with the same idea. We must have spent about 2 hours pokeman hunting. The walk I took was really nice. It was over a mile long. I loved walking by the river and the lake. The only thing that happened was when we started was I stepped in mud and literally slipped and fell. I laid there laughing hysterically because that could only happen to me. From the tips of my toes all the way up my side to my back I was covered in mud. After we were finished we headed to Kohl’s so I could get a new pair of pants. We then met my inlaws at Golden Coral for dinner and then headed home.

Sunday – I started decluttering my table. We went out looking for a table for my homeschool area. We really couldn’t find what we were looking for so we moved a table up from down stairs. I bought some storage drawers and containers to put things in. I need to be more organized. I need to go through there cubby yet again and weed out what we aren’t using and put it away. The drive was really nice. The icebergs on the lakeshore are starting to break apart and float out in the water now that we have a warm up. Next weekend it is to be in the 50s. This winter has really been strange. I am still waiting for a good snow storm.

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