Our Week Of Homeschool – Great Week Even Being Sick

I think we are getting closer to our normal again. I guess I was sicker then I though over Thanksgiving. I caved and finally went in to the doctor on Tuesday. I couldn’t handle waking up in the middle of the night coughing my brains out any longer. The humidifier wasn’t helping and the Tylenol  Severe Cold wasn’t helping. I suppose maybe it would have if I could take a full dose. I had to half dose it because I am not really suppose to be taking anything with decongestants in it. I ended up with swollen glands, my ears were swollen I guess, sinus infection, and bronchitis. Lucky I didn’t end up with pneumonia. I have taken all my meds…I am starting to feel better although my ears still kinda hurt. So not sure what is up with that. I still have coughing fits here and there but nothing like I had. I am able to sleep better. YEAH!!

Monday was a laid back day for us. My daughter had a girl scout meeting in the morning. The girls practiced there Christmas songs and made Christmas Cards for a nursing home. I am a little upset that the nursings homes haven’t called back yet as the girls are going to be singing Christmas Carols and handing out cards…..might have to change plans and put on a Christmas Carol for the families instead. After girl scouts we just kind of hung out with one of our friends. My daughter had a blast playing.

Now I can’t remember what we did specifically each day. For science with my daughter we kind of took a break from our normal class work. She got a MC2 chemistry kit for Christmas last year so we decided to start working on the experiments. I have them posted on my personal page and my blog page on facebook. I will continue to post them as we do it as they have been really fun for us. It’s nice to see her reaction. My son continued to work on his Star Wars Science. He has been learning about solar planes and how people are trying to make vehicles like in the movie Star Wars. It actually was really neat to see.

My daughter didn’t get to her geography this week. I decided to cut that out as Wednesday was a really long day. I can’t remember why. I think because some of the things were taking longer for my son. My son has still be working on the history of video games. He has been fascinated by that. I purchased a program from Youth Digital during the Black Friday sales for Game Development… We started that Wednesday and it took us about an hour to set it up. We will start diving into the course next week. I think this will be a nice combination that we are working on. I was thrilled that I finally got a straight answer on what my son wanted to do. I just hope this isn’t going to be to hard. I will be sitting with him as he is doing and learning it with him.

My daughter is working on her fashion design. We have about 40 days left so I don’t know that we will finish it. I have decided to add it back in as we did pay for it. She was having such fun with it. We will dive into it again more next week.

Math seems to be going little better for my son. Although it’s not his favorite. He is actually making some progress with coins. That is a milestone in itself as that is one thing we have been struggling with. My daughter is just swimming along doing really well in her classes.

For reading we have changed things up a little bit. We are using Reading Eggs and my daughter asked if she could rotate the days and read her own book for 20 minutes. I said yes because I want her to read but I don’t want her to get frustrated with what we are using either. It just takes them a while to go through it. My son sometimes gets mad because it won’t move on until you get a decent score. Those are the times I think he is doing it half heartedly. So asked my son if he wanted to do the same as my daughter and he said yes. So maybe this will be less stressful. We shall see.

My daughter wants to continue learning both mandarin Chinese and Spanish. I told her she could only pick one. Her choice is to continue Spanish. So I will be purchasing a Spanish program for her sons.

We did end the week with some really fun Christmas Festivities….we went to several different stops through out the day. Our first stop was to a wood workshop. They had painted wood pieces that the kids could make into a Christmas Penguin. My daughter really enjoyed putting it together. It was a great price too. When we walked out, I had seen a Christmas Angel kit. It was the same price so I picked it up and we will be working on that during art this week. I also got an idea for a painting so I will be doing that at some point this week.

We were a little disappointed that they didn’t have the hayride. Instead the kids went and did some Secret Santa shopping. My daughter had such fun with this. After that we went to get a little lunch. Then onto my daughters favorite thing in the world, ICE SKATING….yes my ice princess finally had some ice time. She had met some other girls who were in the learn to skate US Figure Skating program. The girls were so nice…they were showing her new moves. She was just eating it up. I think I will have to call the club to find out about lessons after the holidays. I will also have to find out about new skates to as they were a little snug.

After ice skating we had to defrost so we stopped at a place for hot chocolate and headed out to a Live Nativity. This was my first time seeing a Live Nativity. They had little stops as if you were walking through the streets of Bethlehem…it was very interesting…they had guards too….you had better had your paper or it was to jail you went…..we avoided the guards though. It was both fun and interesting. The people who put it on did a wonderful job! I look forward to going again next year.

Today we will be putting up our tree! I can’t wait as we have so much fun doing this as a family!

This week coming up has some fun events planned! Hope you have a great week!

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