Our Week of Homeschool – Getting Closer To Normal

Well this week wasn’t the worst but it wasn’t the best. We did have a good week for the most part with school. One day we missed because my daughter was sick with a fever and had a sore throat. So I had to take her in and make sure she didn’t have strep. Now once again she has another fever. I really need to invest in a lysol bubble. I know next week won’t be normal but I am sure hoping she is better before the Holiday. I am really hoping that after next week, our routines will be normal again. I miss the routine we had. I know the kids need the structure too.

For science my son has been working on Star Wars Science. This week we built a table top robot. It ran a little rough in the beginning but after it warmed up it did what it was suppose to do. It has a sensor so it won’t go off the table, and it will turn. It won’t run into anything either. It was very easy to put together. My daughter continued working on her Zoology. She is reading about domestic farm animals in Canada, in her Sassafrass science.

For History my son continued the History of Video Games. That has been rather interesting learning about how video games have taken shape over time. Once of his assignments was to make the atari 2600 in minecraft. He did a pretty good job. My daughter spent time working on Greenland. We didn’t finish that up but will get to that this week. It was rather interesting as I didn’t realize it was the largest island in the world. It has a history of the Vikings living there as well.

The kids have been doing great in math. I must say that my son is doing much better with coins. It is starting to click some.  Yes he has to use his calculator to add them up but still it’s progress!! It’s a gain so I will take it!

For cooking my daughter made cookies this week. My son’s got put off till tomorrow. He is actually making two different things and it will be interesting. I picked up a really neat crafting/baking book for Christmas. I would like to have the kids try some of that for the holidays. Not sure exactly when we will start that. I want to make homemade gingerbread houses too. I think that would be a blast.

The kids are continuing working on different mods for minecraft. I love the fact that my daughter is really into it. I love the fact that my son will sit and figure it out until he gets it. He can figure it out on his own with out my help.

We didn’t have any special field trips this week really. We did go ice skating yesterday. My daughter absolutely loves the ice. She really misses taking lessons. So I grabbed the info about the US Figuring Skating Lessons again to see how much they and when they start. I will probably have to buy another set of ice skates. I didn’t like the rentals as her feet were going inward and that is not normal for her. I don’t think he other pair of skates will fit her. So eventually I will put them up for sale. They have newly fresh sharpened blades.

I did get some me time in this week! I started working on a pom pom rug for my daughter. I also made a Christmas Wreath. I do plan on painting a Turkey this week at some point. I know cutting it close to the Thanksgiving. Sigh….. so much to do so little time.

For Art this week my daughter paint a Rudolph painting. She did it in acrylics. Actually we both did one and it was fun to see how different they were. I let her go off a little bit on her own as it was her painting.

Hope you all have a great week!

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