Our Week Of Homeschool – Earth Day and New Program Started

Our Week of Homeschool

This week has been a pretty good week. We made good time with book work. We had a great Homeschool Theme Day this week. We took off Friday from our regular day to have some fun with Earth Day. My son also started a new program this week. I also changed how I do work with the kids. I use to alternate between the two and it seems to make my day take longer. So now Mondays and Tuesdays I start with my son and get his work done and proceed to my daughter. Then Thursday and Friday I work with my daughter and then my son.

Mondays we have my friends boys come over and hang out with the kids. Thursdays we head over to my friends house. That way the boys are getting out of the house and doing different things. This has been really great for my son. I have started to see some improvements. He has asked the boys on Sunday at church to even hang out on Sundays. That is something he hasn’t really done a lot of.

Tuesday my son started a new program. He has what you could say is a mentor come. They go to group with other kids. Each kid has a mentor and I like that idea so if there is conflict it is nipped in the butt right away. Since it was his first day, the two of them just hung out. They walked around town, skate boarded, went to the park, and then built with snap circuits. I was rather floored when my son said that he actually thought that this program was going to benefit him. He really likes his mentor. That is a great plus. He hasn’t really liked any of the past therapies or other programs we have tried. This program will work on living skills, social skills, communication and so much more. I am so exited that he actually likes it.

For math this week Brittany continues to work on Subtraction. She will review with Essential Skills advantage when she is finished with her normal math curriculum. Dakota has been working on time. We had a blow up because he was getting frustrated. I don’t know if it’s because he doesn’t care and doesn’t want to do it, or if he actually is having trouble remembering. We had a serious talk and then he continued to try. So next week I have worksheets printed up to spend some extra time working on things. I am also going to create some worksheets as well.

This week’s reading we only did one day, instead of our two days a week. Brittany read another chapter in the Courage of Sarah Noble and we worked on a lesson in our Foundations book. Dakota read a chapter in Little House in the Big Woods and worked on vocabulary and other worksheets that went along with it.

Samantha's Doll Minecraft


Sea Shell Frame

For History Dakota is still reading Christopher Columbus. We stop and discuss the story and use our questions. The Santa Maria model I ordered has finally arrived so he will have the chance to work on that next week. Brittany has been working on the history of creation and we are still working on our American Girls Meet Samantha and learning about life in the Industrial Revolution. She had to make what she thought Samantha’s Doll looked like on Minecraft. We also did a craft using shells to make a picture frame.

Geoboard Constellation

In Science Brittany is still working on the rainforest. She took her test this week and she did pretty good. We also have been working on different topics in Essential Skills advantage for science. We started with natural resources and man made resources. Dakota has been working on astronomy this week. Learning different constellations. We have been making the constellations on geo boards to get a visual of them in the sky.

In language the kids have been working in their books. Dakota is working on pronouns. I had him practice the pronouns in Essential Skills advantage to reinforce what we are already learning. Brittany is working on linking verbs this week. Her spelling has been awesome as well.




For Art this week we took this subject and incorporated into our Homeschool Theme Day. The kids made sculptures. The idea was to show movement in the sculptures. My son made a snake and my daughter made a butterfly.


For Earth Day we spent time outside at the park. We stopped at the store to plant different seeds. We planted pansies, four o’clocks, and marigolds. I wanted to find Romaine lettuce but they didn’t have the seeds. We also painted a Earth with water colors. We did a hand print promise. We were going to make dirt cups for a snack and make recycled robots but we ran out of time. The kids had a blast.


We had a couple nice days during the week as so after homework we spent sometime outside. My daughter has been riding her bike, and her scooter. Next week we are ordering her skateboard. She is excited because she found a frozen skateboard.

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