Our Week Of Homeschool – Another Chaotic Week

Our Week Of Home School

I am really hoping that this new week is much better then last week. Although we did get the stuff we needed to done. The kids had a chance to do school work with Grandma and Grandpa. That was awesome and a nice break for me.

Strange Rash

Dakota ended up having a rash where he would break out and it would be warm to the touch. When I took him to the Doctors on Wednesday It kept spreading and it was on his back and and arms. The doctor said that she thought it was hives. So she told us to call the allergist. I had to call them any way as I needed them to refill the singular. The allergist snuck is in on the same day as I was already heading to Green Bay. He asked if they itched and Dakota said no. He didn’t think it was hives because they didn’t itch. After a while I thought about and I am not sure I don’t believe they were hives because he has a high tolerance to things. He thought it was a temperature thing caused by one of the meds. The reason being is half his arm was warm to the touch and the other was cold and lacey looking. He mentioned that it is the blood flow to the skin. The third doctor didn’t want to change the meds. Then he said we should change them and I said Oh no we are not stopping and playing this game. The reason being is one won’t be replaced over the phone it would have to wait until we see him. So not adjusting anything. The rash seemed to have stopped since I gave him the zyratec. I am going to call the family doctor and follow up and see what she wants us to do now.

I ended up see the electrophysiologist for my heart. I had to go back and forth with him before he did something. He was trying to dismiss a lot and I was getting frustrated. They want to put me back on a med that I didn’t care for. They want to double the dose. Not really crazy about that. If I have the same reactions I will not take that med. I will just deal with the stuff that is going on. He did find the underlying issue though to the tachycardia. At first he was saying it was normal until he looked into my records more and now says this is abnormal. Duh was telling him that all along. LOL

dolphin sculpture

The kids spent the night at my parents on Thursday and we picked them up on Friday afternoon. I sent homework along. The kids did the homework really well. I had to teach my mom how to use Google Images. Brittany was suppose to find a picture of Picasso and draw it. She did a cat. It was cubism and abstract. I didn’t get a chance to get a picture of it. Dakota worked on his sculpting. They made a dolphin. I forgot to send the masking tape so they had to use duct tape. He did an awesome job. I will have him paint it this week and move on to the next sculpture.

Friday I had my wisdom tooth pulled. That was not fun as this one was growing sideways. I think the whole hour he was using the drill the majority of the time. He said he left a small piece that he couldn’t get to because it was to close to the bone. I think it is healing pretty nice. Although this morning my jaw started hurting after I walked on the tread mill. I can’t wait until I don’t feel sore. It’s nothing like Friday was. Each day is better and better.

Here is what the kids worked on this week:

Math-U-See - Subtraction

Math – Brittany was working on subtraction. She absolutely loves math. You can tell my her little note on her paper. Dakota has been working on Time this week. He also worked on Subtraction towards the end of the week as I didn’t want any complications as how to log in and get to the assignments with my parents.

Reading – Dakota was to work on Little House on the Prairie however my dad didn’t understand the lesson plan so they didn’t do it. Brittany has been working on free reading and is reading a small American Girl Book. That was her choice. It’s nothing related to what we were working on for history.

History – Dakota is still reading Christopher Columbus. Brittany has been working on Meet Samantha and we just finished it up this week. This week comes a lot of the fun stuff. She learned about manners back in the early 1900’s.

Science- Brittany is still working on the rainforest. She has been learning about how animals defend themselves and how they adapt. Dakota has been working on creation and started to learn about The Scientific Method.  He also has been working on computer science using Tynker

Foreign Language – Brittany has been working on Family and will be finishing that up this week.

Langauge Art – They both have been trudging through their Grammar books and working on copy work. Dakota has been working on his writing. It is slowly getting better. In fact I think I am learning a thing or two from it as well.

There was no guitar lessons this week because we got into the allergist and didn’t get out on time. I am not worried because the guy spends extra time with us so I don’t feel like I am a loss for lessons. I don’t pay for that extra time. So I am not complaining. Dakota has been learning how to play Day Tripping by the Beatles. He isn’t crazy about the Beatles but he is doing great at learning it.


The kids also worked on stop-motion animation. Each one of them made a video. I had bought little modibots to use for them. We also used what we had laying around the house. The kids want to keep working at it. We need to design a background and a scene. The kids might to a scripted one in the next couple weeks. They really enjoyed learning about it. I still have things to figure out as well during the editing.

Hope you all have a great week.

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