Our Week In Homeschool – Amazing Week

I am so very thankful to have had a great week of school. It really felt like a normal structured week. I can’t tell you how amazing that feels. Next week we have a couple days with appointments, so it will be interesting to see how we weather next week. We even made a change this week and I am hoping it is for the better.

Math has been going well with both of the kids. I have noticed my son a little less stressed this week with his math. I think that has to do with he is finally retaining some of the harder stuff that he struggles with. Either way I will take that as a gain this week. One thing I would like to incorporate into their math is string art. I have been doing some research into it and I think it would be a fun addition to our math.

For reading this week the kids have been switching between reading a book of choice and reading eggs. I think after the first of the year if they keep this pattern up, I will then have them do book reports. I did find a couple fun ways to do book reports on Teachers Pay Teachers that I would like to try. If it keeps them wanting to read and less frustrated I am all for it. My daughter was excited this week with one of the creatures she picked on Reading Eggs. I am really not sure what the cards are for that they get at the end….I am sure sooner or later we will figure it out.

Language Arts for us has changed. I struggled to find a good curriculum with both kids. My daughter has been practicing her cursive and I had her reviewing on Always Ice Cream, the different games in Language Arts. My son was working in a curriculum I bought on Sentences. I got rather frustrated and discourage on Thursday. I know from talking to the neurologist that it has something to do with a certain part of the brain. We were working on him having to finish sentence to make it a complete sentence. He was really have trouble making them complete. I even let him dictate them to me so I could write them. After he was finished I decided to look up curriculum that was designed for dysgraphia. I came across Shurley English which is an online program and you can also pay a couple extra bucks for SEDA which is audio. I wasn’t really sure where to place them so I called them. I talked to someone who could help me figure out a place level. I started it with my daughter as I only had a 3 day trial and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to figure it out in just one day. Well I have no subscribed for a month at least. It really is inexpensive. I think after looking through it this weekend, I think that this may work well for us. Next week I will be calling them again to see if we move father along and they will show me where I can get the most out of it. So I am really excited about that. The first lesson was creating a goal book, long and short term goals. My daughters long term goals are to be a biologist, artist, and youtube. Her short term goals are to draw every day, do a you tube video once a week, and disect once a month. So far she is keeping to her goals.

Science was a little interesting I suppose. We are kinda of in a lull until our new curriculum comes for my daughter. My son has been working on Star Wars sciences. This week he was to build one of the ships. We also learned about people building them on their own. I thought that was really interesting. I must admit I forgot what we just watched this week. Sigh….

My daughter picked out two different Bill Nye the Science Guy videos to watch. One was on chemical reactions and the other was on Biodiversity. She really was into both of them. I know during the Biodiversity she wanted to try an experiment but I told her we didn’t have the stuff and it would take more then one day, and with it being winter we couldn’t really enjoy some of it. She did manage to get to do one of the experiments were you put pennies in vinegar and salt I think it was. You shake it and it cleans the grim off the pennies and they become shiny. She was pretty amazed and how clean the pennies got.

Social studies my son is still learning about the History of Video Games. He had to design a game board of Pac Man and well I don’t think he did it the greatest as I think he was rushing or really stumbling on how to make the board in minecraft. So I will opt out showing it. My daughter learned about Chile this week. It was very interesting that the country is very long but not very wide.  I had no idea that Easter Island was actually part of Chile. I also had no idea that the worlds hottest desert was in Chile either. I don’t think we did the craft this week for this unit. I don’t remember why. Maybe we ran out of time or didn’t have everything we needed for it. Oh it was making a rain stick and we didn’t have the materials.

My son completed his first mod this week in Game Design. We have been using unity to create our character for our game. He did get to create the character to his liking. He did pretty good on the final test for this week. He only missed one. Not really sure what next week will bring with the class but we shall find out as we work through it.

My daughter worked in Fashion Design this week and she got to create a mood board. the mood board is where you get ideas to create your fashion and you use different graphics. That was really fun to make and next week move into our first look. So we are really excited about that. I would have taken a picture of the mood board but I had forgotten so maybe next week you will see something from her class.

Art was really fun this week with my son. We  are working on mixed media projects and 3D. This week we made some paper beads. We created a bead man out of pipe cleaners. We used regular beads and paper beads in our project. He used more regular beads then he did the paper beads. We tried to get our little dude to stand in some clay but he kept falling over so that was enough of that. I really liked that making the paper beads work on his fine motor skills, with the pinching and rolling.

My daughter learned about water color blending this week. She started out great but then went her own way. That is the difficult part of art class is that she can’t always follow directions as she wants to go her own way. That’s not really a bad thing, but it can be when you want her to do what she is told. LOL

Another day my daughter spent drawing. We were going to do another art project but I just didn’t have the patience so I did let her draw what she wanted.

For our cooking class this week my daughter made a chocolate dream pie and my son made brownies. Yes they were from boxes and were not from scratch. My son did pick out the Christmas cookies we will be making this week, and they will be gingerbread cookies. I picked up icing and some ginger bread cut outs to make them. I am not sure what my daughter will be making this week. I might wait until Saturday for her as she can help make candy with me and my mom this weekend.

Friday we did our nature study down by the beach. This weeks theme was weather, and we will finish it up later this week sometime if we have time. She was to record how cold it was and observe the wind. She need to tell us about the waves, and the trees, and the other plant life. The wind was a gentle breeze as it was only 8mph. She had a blast walking in the snow and the sand. She even wrote in the sand. We did another walk again today. So we walked twice this weekend. I must admit though today we went pokemon hunting.

We also met with some friends this week and did some Christmas crafts. We made Christmas Trees out of fabric and sticks. It looked kinda rustic and was really neat. We also made some sock snowmen. Those were really fun and would make adorable gifts. Ours are under the Christmas Tree. As a family we made Ginger Bread Houses. I must admit every year we are grumbling because they won’t stay together. So I decided I am cheating next year and I am going to hot glue them all first and then decorate with frosting and other pieces. I think it would be more fun and less frustrating. Although we really did have a blast.

Hope you have a great week!!


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