Week 2 – 5 of Homeschool – Crazy Weeks

Our Homeschool weeks are going pretty good. Although we had a couple bumps in the road on Week 3 and 4. The kids to seem to really enjoy what we have been doing. Of course Dakota still has his grumbly moments. Brittany of course she loves to learn so there really are no grumbly moments.

My son already had an appointment to see the neurologist at Children’s Hospital. We have to go twice a year since we are not seizure free. Well the day before we were to leave my son had two seizures. This time it was strange as my mom witnessed a new seizure that I didn’t see. We then went to the neurologist the next day. We talked about increasing his seizure meds if there were more seizures. We talked about upcoming testing and what the thoughts were last visit. I think there is concern about the tremors and it maybe possible it is the sereoquel adding to it.  Another reason for him to come off. I want to make sure he is seizure free a month before we do it. I thought we were a week of being seizure free but however, I think he had another this week again in the car. Well after we left the hospital we decided to go out to eat before we decided if we were going to head home or stay in Milwaukee. Dakota ended up having another seizure at the restaurant, however this time my mom and I both saw it. He had another seizure at the hotel before we went swimming. The new seizures we are seeing are called partial seizures. We think he may have a had a grand mal in his sleep. The hard part is his grand mals are not violent. You can tell by how he acts after. We went up on his meds. We just had some blood work to test levels and panels. Now I have to return a urine test on Tuesday for a metabolic testing. I probably won’t get results for about 2 -3 weeks.

Dakota also ended up with a double ear infection. So when that happens we have to be more vigilant to seizures. On top of that the antibiotics effect the seizures meds efficiency. So we had to play close attention for 10 days. On top of all that Dakota was playing some role playing game with his friend and fell and hit the wooden part of the chair and had a nice egg close to his temple. The timing was not good as I had to keep him up for 4 hours and he needed his night time pills so we had to page the neurologist. The only thing I couldn’t tell was if he was tired from being sleep deprived the night before or if it came from the bump. I decided since this was so complicated to see the doctor. Neurologically he wasn’t abnormally abnormal. He has abnormal signs already but nothing that was worse then he already had. No sign of concussion. She told me to watch for headaches and my response was well if I don’t see 5 minutes before I don’t know if it is from the bump or a seizure. She said good point. So it was complicated. We didn’t have any seizures during that time or headaches. I was very thankful.

Lincoln Park Zoo

This week we went on a couple of field trips. One was to a couple of Amish stores, which sparked a lot of questions. I plan on making a unit on the Amish and sharing. I am in the process of doing some research for it. Then we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo and after the zoo we stopped at the fishery as the salmon are just making their way up the stream to spawn. We will be going again this weekend as their wasn’t many in the holding tank or trying to get up the ladders. We only saw one. We also went to the DeYoung Zoo. I will have a post on that. It was an amazing time. We also went to the Neville Museum to see the Extreme Deep Exhibit and the Sisters of Hope. I will also have another post on that as well.

Apple Picking

I forgot to mention we also went apple picking. This weekend I am going to make and can apple pie filling for the first time. I have a friend coming over to help me. The kids had fun picking the apples and they also helped me pick out pie pumpkins to make pumpkin puree. I am also going to be working on that this weekend as well.

We were going to start ice skating for this term for Brittany, but with all the commotion going on with Dakota we felt we will wait until next session. Hopefully then we will be able to sign her up. She still has been enjoying soccer.

Ancient Egypt

For history Dakota has still been work on David Crockett. There is so many neat resources in the unit study we have been working on. Brittany has been learning about hieroglyphics, Mesopotamia, and the afterlife. One of the things we learned that even I didn’t know was the pharoahs made clay figures of their servants to put in their tombs for the afterlife, along with everything else they thought they needed. So I decided to have Brittany Nature Studies make a clay servant. She also had the chance to make her name in hieroglyphics.


The kids have been doing different things for their nature studies. We have went outside to observe how it looks in September and they had to draw what they see. We also visited the Wildlife Sanctuary to see how it’s starting to change over there. We will be visiting it many times through the fall. This time they stopped to draw things as we walked through. They even took pictures. We also found a small snapping turtle and took it to the Wild Life Sanctuary. The kids did some research on it before we took it. They also have been learning different sketches as when we go walking or on hikes they can stop and do quick sketches.

Cubism and Pony Drawings

For art we have talked about Cubism. The kids did an art project and I think it turned out really great. Brittany picked the drawing and she picked out My Little Pony. So the kids drew that. Needless to say Dakota wasn’t to interested in it. The next drawing Dakota picked out Link from Zelda. I thought I had uploaded the pictures of that but I didn’t. Each week I let the kids take turn on who picks out the video to learn to draw.


Brittany is taking a Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego minecraft class and one of the projects this week was to build the Great Sphinx of Giza. She still has two more projects to work on and then we will be moving on to the next lesson. She will work on those on Monday.


On Monday Dakota spent time with his father and together they put together a solar robot from the robot making kit we had. There was 14 different choices and he will be doing more.

We have been doing our weekly Bible studies. Brittany just started hers as it is a review and we are both loving it. Dakota has still been working on Teen Prasso. The pastors wife and daughter come out on Fridays and we do it together. It has been very fun and a great learning experience for us.

Hope you all have a great week!

2 Responses to “Week 2 – 5 of Homeschool – Crazy Weeks”

  • 1

    I thought the turtle was a two headed one at first glance!

    Seizures are no fun. Luke has them. We thought we had them under control, but we’re starting to see seizure activity again. I think he needs his meds upped with his recent weight gain.
    Shecki @ Greatly Blessed´s last blog post ..Pumpkin Patch

    admin Reply:

    Seizures are no fun for sure. That’s exactly what I thought with Dakota as well. The one thing the nurse did say is he is growing. He has gained more weight since they lowered it. I think Dakota’s still has to be adjusted. We will see as knock on wood we have been seizures free now a week. Hope that you can get Luke’s meds adjusted.

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