Week 1 – A Look Into Our Homeschool – Very Busy Week of Activities..And We Still Have The Weekend Yet!

This was our first full week of school, as I started our new school year August 1st. We are still on our summer schedule until September 5, when we resume our full time status of of curriculum again. The summer is for us to enjoy when we can. Our summer schedule consists of working on review items and math. For us this summer hasn’t been very active as it has rained a lot and now we are enjoying the break from the rain. The weather is a little cooler as well.

Monday – Monday we went to Green Bay for a park playdate as I had a meeting for our homeschool group. We were discussing the co-op that was starting in September. We were figuring out how it would be structured and how we would run it. The meeting lasted about two hours. I ended up staying longer with another mom enjoying the talking, while our kids played. I had to stop at my parents before I headed back home. We were at the park for 4 1/2 hours. I had expected to come home and work on review stuff. I got back to late. When we were at my parents my mom had made a pizza as my daughter was starving. She ended up falling a sleep within 15 minutes that we were there. We visited with my parents and came back home.

Tuesday – We work on our review stuff and got that out of the way. Then we heading to Appleton to hang out with another homeschool family. We did a little Pokemon hunting and the kids played at the park. This park was really neat as it had things that sprayed mists to cool off. It was a little humid and the sun was warm. The kids played for about 3 hours. We were a little late in getting there as I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going. My GPS kept telling me to get off and get back  on US 41….I was like I am going US 41 South….I was baffled and thinking maybe it was because of the new construction….well then I discovered that I was going North and had to turn around….while I was heading south traffic ended up crawling for a long time. My GPS had me get off at the exit and detour around the traffic. What ended up happening was that there was a semi broke down in the left lane. So that is what caused traffic to crawl. I felt bad because I was late. I am just glad that we were able to catch up. On the way home I decided to call one of my friends and we stopped there. I only meant to stay an hour but it was almost 2 1/2 hours before we headed home finally. The kids were having a blast!

On our way back to the car, my daughter was looking at the wild flowers. I can’t think of the names of the white snowy looking ones. My daughter and my friends son were exploring to see if there was any caterpillars in them. They were also checking out to see if there was any on the milkweed. We didn’t find any.

Wednesday – We did our review stuff for homeschool and we headed to Green Bay to visit some friends. The girls spent a long time outside swimming and filling up water balloons. It was very comical watching them fill the water balloons as some would burst on them as they filled them up. Others would pop as they were tying. I did managed to get sprayed with the hose once. My friends daughter is a little stinker with the hose and she got me. The water was COLD!! After the girls were done with swimming and the water balloon fight, we headed to Target. We picked up things for dinner. I picked up somethings we needed for the upcoming school year as well. We went back to my friends and grilled out.

After dinner we did Hot Rock Painting….it’s where you warm up the rocks and you use old crayons which are suppose to melt on the rock. Well we had to adjust the times we left the rocks in the oven. I think we got up to 15 or 20 minutes… it was just starting to work perfect. So we think you still need to go a little longer if you want the crayons to melt more on the rock. They do cool so you have to work kinda quick. I think part of that is we didn’t perfect how long to warm them up. We did follow directions but I don’t think that was warm enough. We did have a blast with the kids making them. I think we did about four a piece. The rocks were not extremely hot to touch…we didn’t get burned so no worries!! After the rocks we headed home as it was getting late.

Thursday – We worked on review stuff again. One of our reviews has to do with cooking/baking. I am actually using it with my son. However, it was a rainy day so my daughter and I took the banana bread recipe from it and made two loaves of banana bread. One with chocolate chips. The one with chocolate chips didn’t last long. We did get a couple storms. The thunder would rumble so each time I unplugged the computer. We had a couple warnings but as it got closer it dissipated. It was worse west and south of here. I was waiting to see how big the hail would be, but all we had was heavy rain.

Friday – I am really not sure what our plans are for today. Friday’s are errand days where we don’t have a lot of homework. We don’t do the review stuff on Fridays. Since our regular curriculum don’t start until September 5. There isn’t much to do. Ahhhhh but the weekend isn’t over and we have some really fun things planned for the weekend. It’s Shanty Days here. Not really excited about it as it is just a drunkfest. There are vendors in booths outside the grounds that are fun to look at. Saturday is the parade and Sunday night is the fireworks. This year we are opting out of Shanty Days for the most part.  We won’t be watching the parade or even visiting the vendors. Instead…..Saturday we will be heading to Manitowac for the Wild Bill days. They will have a re enactment of a bank robbery from the Wild Bill times…. Annie Oakley will be wondering around…. Sunday we will be heading to Green Bay for Laura Ingall Wilder Days. My daughter will be looking forward to that as we have learned about Laura Ingall Wilder. So I will have pictures to share from that this weekend.

Next weekend at least Monday and Tuesday will be pretty busy too!! Looking forward to busy and fun!!

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