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It has been really hard to figure out what my son has interest in and what he may want to do after high school. We currently found one of his interests through this review. My son has really been enjoying Web Design by CompuScholar, Inc. This online course is meant for Grades 6 – 12.

The Web Design course teaches students how to create webpages using HTML and CSS. In this course they get to build two high quality websites with professional features through out the course. Students also have the opportunity to create there own project at the end of the semester. Really this description is quite simple but it’s to the point.

Here are a list of some topics covered:

  • Basic Website Layout
  • HTML5 symbols and elements
  • Hyperlinks and Navigation Bars
  • CSS Effects, spacing and positioning
  • Graphics and Image Editing
  • Tables
  • Page Design Principles
  • Dynamic Menus
  • Embedded Audio and Video
  • Java Script and jQuery

How I Used This: 

I used this with my son four times  a week. I actually have an interest in learning Web Design myself. So it’s been great for the both of us to sit down and work through this together. The only thing is I sit back and watch him do it to make sure he is doing things correctly. In all honesty I was a little nervous that he wouldn’t like this course. I was really surprised at how much he is retaining as we work through this as well as how interested he is.

Each chapter has different lessons. We did one lesson a day. We started out by watching the video and then we went on to the reading. We might have a quiz or project to do after the video and reading. At the end of each chapter you have an activity and a chapter exam. The chapters are not that long. The lessons aren’t that long either. It normally takes us 30 – 45 minutes for a lesson because as we watch the video and read through the reading I am taking notes. That way we have something to go back to if we need it.

The videos in the lessons are not long at all. In fact they cover the important part of the lesson. It gives you a visual. The reading just goes over pretty much what you watched in the video in detail and there are pictures to follow along with as well. So they go hand in hand in repetition so you understand. Normally I am not a fan of repetition but for this particular topic I am because then you know you are retaining it.

I didn’t think the lessons were all that hard. It touched a topic and really showed it to you so when you got to the activity or assignment you knew what you were doing. It isn’t overwhelming you into teaching everything all at once. It really is easy to follow and learn. One thing I was impressed with was that the first chapter went over the different web browsers and most people should be familiar with each of them. I also liked that they went into HTML and how it started and what it is now. I thought that was pretty interesting. Then in Chapter 2 and going forward you get into learning about HTML and Web Design. This course makes it easy to understand what you are doing and what you are learning.

My son has a cognitive delay and he is retaining everything in this course so far. I know he really enjoys it because he is retaining it as well. So that is really HUGE to me. This can be complicated and difficult, and he isn’t having an issues and is moving nicely along.

CompScholar, Inc. also has other courses besides web design: Computer Skills – Digital Savvy, Introductory Programming (C#), Java Programming (AP), Unity Game Programming, Game Programming with VB, and Android Programming. If you have a student or even yourself who is interested, I highly suggest checking this out. I also want to mention that CompuScholar, Inc is also known as Homeschool Programming.

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Digital Savvy, Web Design & Java Programming {CompuScholar,Inc Reviews}

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