Weave Your Word in Me – – Part 1 – Review

One of the things that is important to my daughter is to learn how to pray. She doesn’t feel that she knows and understands how to pray. So I was on a hunt to find something that would meet her needs. I was really excited when I heard of a bible study and prayer guide that helps tweens understand who God is and how to talk to him. The bible study is called Weave Your Word in Me — Part 1 by Kid Niche Christian Books.

Weave Your Word in Me is designed around the nine verses of My Whole Self Before You – which is a rhythmical prayer that is modeled after the Lord’s Prayer. It consists of 36 binder ready lessons. Yes they already have 3 holes punched on 70# paper. There are 72 pages that are beautifully illustrated.

The lessons are anywhere from 1 – 3  pages long. On the left side of the page you see what the main focus of the lesson will be. There is some bible reading and then there is some various methods of recapturing what you have just read by: cartoons, charts, definitions, drama, drawing, fill in the blanks, illustrations, matching, multiple choice, sequence, and true & false. Then at the end of the lesson you have what is called my prayer. There is some fill in the blanks on what you have learned and then there is a spot for the student or child to personalize there prayer.

How We Used This: 

I used this with my daughter. We did anywhere from 1 – 4 lessons a week. It just depended on how much time we spent on each lesson and how many pages it was. There were times that we stopped to talk about the things we learned and how we could further apply them to prayer.

One thing that was a bonus to these lessons was there is an online activity section that accommodates each lesson. I absolutely loved having and using these extra resources. My favorite so far has been with lesson too. It was about the Northern Lights and acknowledging God’s beauty. We watched a video that had memorized us and both of us wish we could see these in person. The green also symbolizes the emerald color around the throne. So the to think that the Northern Lights are apart of that beauty was just amazing. There was also a project where you painted your own Northern Lights. I absolutely love adding in the craft ideas to the lessons. Now there is songs, crafts, and puzzles to accommodate. There is personal experience as well and there are prayers at the end. I love that the prayers are examples of things to pray for as well. It’s like a hands on learning for my daughter to see and give her ideas.

I found the lessons to be short enough to be engaging and fun. They weren’t teaching something that was so overwhelming that my daughter would lose interest. If a lesson is to long she gets distracted and it makes it hard to teach. I loved the fact that this opened more discussions to us as well, while we were working through this. I didn’t think there was a lot of writing to be done either. The variety of methods used in this book keep the variety interesting. I love that it is teaching my daughter different aspects of prayer. So far it has really been helping her understand. I am so grateful for that.

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Weave Your Word in Me {Kid Niche Christian Books Reviews}

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