Virtual Curriculum Fair Week 3: Exploring Our World – Social Studies and More Science



Welcome to Week 3 of the Virtual Curriculum Fair. This week our topic is Exploring Our World – Social Studies and More Science. The Virtual Curriculum Fair is hosted by Homeschooling Hearts and Minds. In Week 2 I have covered what we used for science so I won’t go into further detail in repeating it again this week.


For my son we use America the Beautiful by Notgrass Company. I have fallen in love with this history curriculum from day one. We have all the books that go with the curriculum and while using it there is also a literature book that you can read to go along with the studies. To me it’s more like a unit study as you do each lesson. It takes us anywhere between 60 – 90 minutes to complete a lesson.

We start out by reading the lesson for the day. The reading isn’t very long or overwhelming. Then when you come to the end of the lesson you will find the assignments that you need to complete. The assignments are: thinking biblically, map study, literature, creative writing, student workbook or lesson review.

We do the thinking biblically aloud together and the creative writing sometimes we discuss aloud or I will have my son type it on the computer because he has so much trouble with writing.



We actually use both of these books: The Student Workbook and the Lesson Review. There is only one page in each lesson to do and one of them only has a section of 4 or 5 questions which isn’t really bad at all. All the answers can be found in the book. The last question is more of an opinion question. Which allows for really nice discussions with my son.



The Timeline isn’t used in every lesson but when it is used it tells you what to write in the time period that it is assigning. The Maps workbook is an awesome visual as I love how it tells a little information and tells you to use a different color to circle words or color.



When you get assigned to read a portion in We the People it’s not very long. May a page or two. It is actually very interesting as you reading about someone from your reading. For example, we had to read about Christopher Columbus and his documentation of his voyage. It was just a slice of his documentation. It was very interesting how they wrote in that time period and how he viewed the Indians.

At the end of each week they give you a family activity to do. I love these suggestions. One of my favorites was building an indian building out of tooth picks and gum drops.

We also try to find a recipe from the time period or area we are studying and make them.

For my daughter:

I struggle with this. She is between Kindergarten and First Grade. I have been using some workbooks from with her. I also create some of my own lessons from the Social Studies book from Mail Box. I am looking into some curriculum at tax time to purchase for her to use.

Now, let’s see how other homeschoolers are Exploring Our World with Social Studies and Science:  (note links will all be LIVE by noon on 1/20)

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