Viewing Waterfalls on a Beautiful Fall Day!!

Historical Marker

If your not from Wisconsin you wouldn’t know that Marinette County holds the keys to the most waterfalls in the state. Yesterday we took the kids to the north woods and visited three of them. One of them we didn’t have to really hike to. The others you had to hike the trails. They are beautiful and breath taking. Many people had the idea to stop and see the different falls. The colors are starting to turn but they are not quite at the peak yet. If you go to US Highway 2 in Michigan and go north they are peaking up there. The county parks there do charge a $3.00 fee, however that tag is good for all county parks that day.

Dave Falls

Our first stop was Dave’s Falls it is in Amberg, WI right off of Highway 141. This wasn’t my first time at the falls here. It really has changed. When my boys were younger there wasn’t such a rapid of water coming down the falls and they could wade on the rocks by the falls. I couldn’t figure out how to get closer to them so my pictures do not to it justice. We didn’t make it to the bridge either as the trail was a bit rough. I think that Dave’s Falls was dedicated to Dave Frechette who was a river crew boss, who was lost to the river trying to free a log jam in 1881. It was on a stone just before you go into the falls. We didn’t stop at the Amberg Historical Society and maybe we should have as it would have been interesting to found out more.

Pike River


Dave's Falls


Bridge Over Look at Dave's Falls


As you can see those were not the best pictures of the falls but they were the best I could get. My mom couldn’t do the really rough terrain so we didn’t go very far there. If I remember right last time we were there which was well over 10 years ago we could walk along the river to the falls. The river is obviously much higher now then what it was.

12 Foot Falls

Our next stop was Twelve Foot Falls. You can get to it from Highway 141 or Highway 8. There are signs that guide you to it. This set of falls is also on the Pike River. I was expecting it to be higher for some reason. You didn’t have to walk far to get a great view of the falls. So this one has very easy access.

12 Foot Falls Front View

There is a sign that you could walk to 8 Foot Falls. We attempted but the terrain was really rough and very muddy. We had to turn around as we weren’t going to chance it. I found out later talking to a native from the area at another falls that we could have still gotten close to them by driving around to the camp ground. It still would have been muddy but not as bad terrain to see them. There are also a couple more falls near by. Horseshoe falls was one but some people had said that they just came from there and it was really bad terrain so it wasn’t worth us going to see it as my mom couldn’t hand terrain like that. I think just a little farther down the road there is also 18 foot falls. I didn’t notice signs for that nor did I look close enough at the website or we would have went there to see if we could have seen that.

IMG_5126 2

Our last set of falls that we had the chance to see was Long Slide Falls. These falls drop about 50 feet through the rocks. I am not sure what river this is. I am not sure if it is still the Pike River but there is good trout fishing here from what I have heard. You couldn’t view them from the top. You had to go about 225 yards down some really steep terrain to get to them. Coming up the hill was rough….going down was easy. Very rocky and rooty though so be very careful. It’s defiantly worth the walk!

Long Slide Falls


I think that the last one is my absolutely favorite falls. You can get access to this park from High 141. As your on your way to the parking are you see another set of falls call Smalley Falls. We didn’t stop to look at it at this point. I wanted to head to Niagra and see the falls and the beautiful rock formations but there was a detour and we ending up going away from it. So we drove the Upper Michigan for a while back to US 41.

Hope you enjoyed the view!!




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