USA Activity Bundle – Review

My daughter has been so excited to learn the 50 States. As we work through each state we are hanging them in the hallway, so we will have all 50 states hung up when we are finished. For this review we received a digital copy of USA Activity Bundle from The Crafty Classroom. Please not this is not a full curriculum. This is geared for third grade.

The USA Activity Bundle has three different pdf’s. The first is 50 State Activity Pages. There is a page for each state. On each state you can map the location of the capital as well as rivers, lakes, mountians, etc. You write the nick name of the states as well as the abbreviation, state bird, state flower, and some fun facts you find along the way. You can color the bird and the state flower. You have to look up the information yourself as that isn’t provided. I will explain how we used this later in the review.

The second PDF is State Bird Art Cards. Note that some of the birds are shared with other states so the bird itself is only in there once with the names of the states on the colored bird card. You also have one that you can color yourself. There is also a place to write some facts about the bird as well.

The Third PDF is fun. Each state has a maze that your child can do.

How We Used This:

I used the USA Activity Bundle with my daughter. This is not a full curriculum but a great add in to be used with whatever you decide to use. We had a book full of recipes that had a lot of the facts that were already on the state activity sheet. We did a state a week as we did further research on each state. We also have a map of the United States hanging so we can find the different states and it’s capitals. Each day we would look for the states we completed and she would have to tell me the capital.

As we worked through the activity sheet we would spend some time talking about the state. We would research some of the states history and we would write some of the interesting facts we learned on the paper. Examples was how was it acquired…I think it was California that was acquired because Mexico last a war. We would write down the number that the state was entered into the United States. My daughter really was particulate about trying to match the exact color of the birds and flowers. We took the time to find some different landmarks and watch some videos about those landmarks. We learned the history of the flag. She colored the flag exactly the way it was suppose to look as well. We even had suggested recipes in the book that we were reading. However, my daughter is really picky so we haven’t made anything yet. Then we would find the State Bird. She didn’t color the bird twice as the page had a colored bird on it. We did look up facts about the state bird. We watched videos on the bird and listened to the bird calls. The last thing she would do is the state maze. She really enjoyed the mazes.

My overall thought is that this is a great addition if you are learning about the different states. It will make a good keepsake as well as spark discussions. One of the discussions we went a little further on was the Gold Rush in California. One thing this has taught my daughter was to learn how to do different types of research.

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