Update on School Situation

Well I heard from the principal today. We talked about reading/language and it was just some communication problems between Brad and his teacher. Also on some days he missed he missed some important things and that’s where the communication problems are. She spoke very highly of Brad which was really nice to hear. We both are going to nudge him some more when he needs it.

As for Spanish I found out that he has 13 assignments he has NOT completed so Brad deserves the F no arguments there. I have to have a talk with him about this as it’s really not acceptable.

Brad had apologized for what is going on and the principal said don’t you apologize as if there are problems we need to correct them. Well I caused some confusion as  they thought I meant the teacher was texting. The teacher was not texting. Come to find out from Brad this was said a while ago and this was just brought up now. I told the principal the best person to talk to is Brad. We don’t know if it’s someone pressing Brad’s buttons or if this was really said. I honestly believe it was really said as if you knew about this teacher you would think the same way. I am not going to write a post to bash her although I would love to but I don’t think it’s called for.

He asked me what I wanted done with the Spanish teacher and I said nothing. As of right now I need to talk to Brad.

So that’s where we stand right now.

9 Responses to “Update on School Situation”

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    Thom says:

    Well it seems like the situation has resolved its self which I’m glad to hear. Let’s hope Brad has learned his lesson.
    .-= Thom´s last blog ..What Flavor Hot Chocolate Are You? and A Winter Poem =-.

    admin Reply:

    It’s not all resolved yet. I am still waiting to hear about the one teacher that was flapping her jaws. Brad did get his butt chewed out regarding Spanish.

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    Tammy says:

    It sounds like the situation has not totally resolved itself, since you still need to talk to Brad. Getting him to talk about what is going on and getting him to tell you everything, may be like pulling teeth, if he is anything like my son. My son had a great teacher, before I pulled him out to homeschool. He didn’t like her. This created a lot of problems. Sometimes, problems that are so simple for others to deal with, are extremely complicated for us.
    .-= Tammy´s last blog ..Pretty Woman Perfume Giveaway =-.

    admin Reply:

    Most of the stuff is resolved. The only thing that is not resolved is the teacher talking about my son. Brad did answer honestly as he knew I was mad and I meant business. I surely hope that he learned his lesson. I don’t think it’s right that he didn’t give it his all. I was under the impression that he was trying and just not getting it. I would have helped him too. My spanish is rusty but I took three years in high school.

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    Janine says:

    Oh, I totally get what you’re going through. There’s a teacher right now that Jake doesn’t like. He is great in all the other classes because the those teachers take the time to really understand how he learns.
    .-= Janine´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Sooper Dooper Looper =-.

    admin Reply:

    It’s a shame because you would think that teachers would want to help there students. It makes it very hard on kid when he doesn’t like the teacher.

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    Julie says:

    It is hard when you can’t be there to know exactly what is what all the time. Who’s side do you take, who do you listen too. It’s so hard. You’re doing a good job. Keep standing up for Brad, teach him right from wrong and in the end it’ll work out or you’ll be doing more about it. You’re a great mom making sure this is taken care of and not just ignoring it. You go girl.
    It’s the weekend, give Brad a hug, watch a movie together or go out and play. Enjoy, a new week will start and there will be more to deal with. One day at a time.
    God Bless you and your family!
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..15 minutes…. =-.

    admin Reply:

    Your right it’s hard ot know which side to take. I think what I need to do is ask more questions before I jump the gun. Although the teacher is being investigated for her talking about my son. They are really looking into the situation. I just want what is best for the kids. I don’t want Brad to make the same mistakes I made so I try to be stricter.

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    Frugal Vicki says:

    You are such a good momma! You are so in tune with your kids and their school. Good for you!
    .-= Frugal Vicki´s last blog ..And this is me…. =-.

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