United States Trivia Game Pack Review

Are you looking for something to spruce up your homeschooling with or maybe just a fun and educational game. Well the United States Trivia Game Pack is definitely an interesting addition.

United States Trivia Pack is massive value for the money. All 50 States are represented with with 15 questions per state, totaling 750 questions. Quizzes cover state nicknames , trees, flowers, capitals, history, funny facts, bizarre laws, local customs and more.

The price of the United States Trivia pack is $19.95

I can’t share the files I got with you but I can share a link to some free printables.

My Thoughts:

The first state I tried as I live in Wisconsin. I was stumped on a lot of the questions as I don’t remember or know any of it. Then I tried Minnesota and well I knew a lot there. It was not what I thought it would be. I was expecting it to be a little easier for kids. However, I am not disappointed with it either. I think it teaches you something new. As there is always something to be learned every day. I found this interesting and wanted to know more so my son and I kept on taking turns with each state. I think him and I had fun as we didn’t know what would come next. It is definitely a different version of trivia to test the knowledge.

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