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I  recently had the chance to watch Understanding Child Brain Development by Matthew and Carole Newell from A Family Hope Center. I must say this is one of the most interesting DVDs I have ever seen. One thing that was mentioned was that we always talk about the disabilities not the abilities. That really caught my attention. From there on they were empowering the parents to heal their children. Your probably thinking how is that. I will get there as this review goes on.


I know many parents have felt like it’s their fault or they did something wrong. It’s not your fault and you didn’t do anything wrong for your child to have the disabilities. Family Hope Center gives families hope and support by treating the symptoms where we go to the part of the brain and treat the brain first. When we treat the area of the brain successfully the symptoms begin to disappear.

When I talk about abilities let me use an example. Say your child learns to crawl, the next step is to teach them the ability to creep on their hands and knees.  Once this new ability is developed you teach the child to walk. The point of this is to develop abilities in a hurt child along the same physiological path that a normal child’s development is. By doing the physiological approach the child can catch up to their peers or maybe even surpass them.

When I first read the information I was overwhelmed and thought how in the world is the DVD going to help me. Once I actually watched the DVD, I admit I was overwhelmed with the information and the different functions of the brain. I wasn’t overwhelmed in a bad way. I will have to watch this DVD again. It was nice as it explained the different parts of the brain and what happens. At some point don’t remember which part of the brain we were talking about but they were literally on the floor crawling and creeping with their child. When asked how long the answer was a couple hours to a few hours just depending on how the child cooperated. Let me step back a minute and tell you that Matthew and Carol’s daughter suffered an injury from a vaccination. In time working from the inside out their daughter was doing gymnastics and I can’t remember what else. The gymnastic part interested me that why it stuck. What I am trying to point out is their daughter suffered this injury and they worked with her and she became successful.

Then there was talk about development in the DVD and there was interaction with the parents about the approach you would use to help your child succeed. It was all kinds of disabilities from not being a very good reader, to having autism, adhd, epilepsy, down syndrome, to being in a coma. So don’t think that because your child isn’t a very good reader this won’t help. It also helps looks at intellectual, physical, emotional and social development.

I wish I would have seen this DVD when I was first going through all the issues with my son. It would have been nice for someone to say it’s not your fault and their is hope. I guess maybe now I have a whole new outlook and I think in a way it actually does give me hope. It’s a lot of work being your child’s therapist but the end results would  be worth it.

It’s definitely worth checking out the DVD to understand your child and how the brain works. You will walk away with information and understanding. The cost of the DVD is $19.00 plus shipping and handling.

To order the DVD, please call 610-397-1737 or you can order Understanding Child Brain Development from IEW.


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