Under Drake’s Flag – Audio Review

I like to spruce up the kids learning by adding at aren’t necessary your typical text book work. When Under Drake’s Flag by Heirloom Audio Productions came up for review, I was very excited.


Under Drake’s Flag – The Extraordinary Adventures of G. A. Henty is an amazing audio product. It is filled with daring adventures, courage, virtue, determination, character, and faith. It leaves you wanting to keep listening so you know what happens next.

The story is about a young boy named Ned who is about to take on the adventure that most boys would probably dream about. The adventure is about being on a ship with Sir Francis Drake. While he is on the ship he had made friends with a boy named Gerald. He didn’t think like how one of the shipmates treated Gerald and did let Sir Francis Drake know about that. The first adventure was when Ned jumped into the ocean and saved a gal from a Shark attack. Then there were adventures of battles both on and off land against the Spanish. He met up again with the gal he saved and her father. Of course they were on opposite sides but his father had the utt most respect and helped Ned and Gerald escape after a ship wreck. That is where they banded with some Africans and taught them how to fight against the Spanish. Later he was captured by the Spanish Inquisition and that really tested his faith. He reunited with Sir Francis Drake and they took down the Spanish Inquisition. Then back to England and was rewarded by the Queen. I would rather not tell you the happy ending as you will wonder what happens between Ned and the girl he saved from the shark attack. I would rather you listen and find out.

My son and I listened to the CD and at times my daughter would join us and listen. My son and I were both really into the adventures and it was very hard to stop and start the next day because we wanted to know what happened next.

What we did was listen to 2 – 3 tracks at a time. There was a study guide that came along with the cd. I would ask questions and tell him what to listen for. We would then pause and go over the answers. Then there were questions that were called thinking further. When I thought they would fit I we would discuss the questions and his thoughts. There is also words that he could define. We are going to listen to it again and this time I will have him write the definitions out.

There is also three different bible studies.  One is about Godly Character, True Manhood, and Confessing Christ. I thought all three of these were great fits to the audio drama. We will spend more time on the bible studies the next go around at the cd.

We were truly inspired by Neds courage and his faith in God. I loved how Ned and Gerald stood their ground about their religious beliefs to the Spanish Inquisition. Nobody should be forced to convert to something they don’t want to be. I love how much faith Ned and Gerald had in God as well. Ned did truly turn out to be fine young man.

There is also a beautiful prayer of Sir Francis Drake enclosed in the CD as well.

This CD is great for ages 6 – adult. It’s great listening for the whole family.

You can order the instant download for $20.00 and the 2 CD Set for $29.95.

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