Trust Fund – Movie Review

Have you ever heard the story of the Prodigal Son? One of the brothers leaves to spend his inheritance and ends up hitting rock bottom. Then the brother comes home and the father is welcoming and has a party but the other brother is angry because he stayed and did all the work. He doesn’t really understand why the father welcomes him with a party. We had the chance to watch and review the movie Trust Fund by Mapelle Films. It really reminded me of that story. We received the digital download of the movie for this review. This is geared for ages 12 and up. I want to mention that Trust Fund did receive the dove seal award.

Trust Fund is about a family with struggles. The family has suffered a loss. You really pick up what the loss was through the movie. It is about choices and consequences. There are a lot of those through the movie with different characters. It is about temptation and betrayal. Most of all and probably my favorite part of the movie was forgiveness and love.

The story centers around Reese who wants to be an aspiring young writer. In the beginning she returns from a trip and goes to see her Dad. While she is is waiting for her Dad she starts snooping around and discovers a secret. She feels trapped as she can’t write and she feels that she can’t be herself. She ends up taking a job at her Dad’s publishing firm. She is faced with temptation of whether or not she should deposit some money into an account. She deposits the money and leaves. She goes back to where she just returned from because she is thinking she is chasing love. She discovers something alarming and knows that it isn’t right. She tries to figure out a way to get back home. Upon returning she was expecting everyone to be angry and upset with her. She ends up learning about forgiveness and what real love is. I must tell you at the end of the movie you do need a kleenex.

We watched Trust Fund as a family. My children are 16 and 9. We all really enjoyed it. It did spark some coversations about choices and consequences. I felt it did send a message of forgiveness and love too. Every family has struggles and most of them can work things out. I would recommend this movie as I thought there were many lessons to be learned from this, and the fact that it was a really good movie!

I want to mention that there is a Study Guide that can be used after the movie with small groups. We didn’t use the study guide yet. I think this would be a great study with the teen groups at church. The study guide does reference different scriptures as well as questions and discussion. It makes you think a little deeper as well.

There is also book that you can read after you watch the movie. The book is called Love Was Near. It offers a behind the scenes look to the movie Trust Fund. It’s about Reese and what she is thinking. Just like the movie Reese learns what she needs to learn about. I didn’t read the book but it does sound like something that would be very interesting to read.

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Trust Fund Movie {Mapelle Films Reviews}

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