Toy Repair Workshop iPad Review

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I think my daughter now has another new favorite app: Toy Repair Workshop by Jump App. Let me tell you she held my iPad hostage last night. There was no way I was every getting back on that things until she had literally fallen asleep.

This app lets your child become a toy making specialist. Your child will fix broken toys that other children bring into the shop. Your child will fix broken dolls, scratched cars, and many more. Your child can use their imagination to make whatever combination they want when they fix the toy. Once the toy is fixed the child in the workshop will display an emotion of whether they were happy or not with the fixed toy.

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This app is good for children of all ages. The app is very easy to move around. I love that there is different children with 8 different nationalities that come into the work shop. There are 30 different toys and 160 different elements that your child will use to repair the toys. The possibilities of fixing toys is endless.

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A child walks into the toy shop with a broken toy. Your child will click on the broken toy. They will have three different options they can choose from to fix the toy. Then you will use a tool to fix it. Once the toy is fixed the child will give it back to the child. The child will have an emotion to let you know whether or not they liked the toy.

My daughter is pretty precise with how the toys should have been fixed. So there was a lot of happy children. I had to encourage her to use different toy parts as I wanted to see what happened when wrong toy parts were used. Well if you could have seen her face when a child cried. I think at first she was a little confused and sad for the child. That didn’t stop her from making endless creations. I think that her stepping out of comfort zone was a great thing. She spent a lot of time giggling when the kids were happy. I think she felt a sense of accomplishment. I also think she was proud of herself. I have noticed that when my daughter does things right she is always giggling. She spends a lot of time on this app.

I really like that this app does not contain any ads, collect or share any user information, no in-app purchases, no social network integration, and the more apps and rate this app are secured (you need to answer simple math fact to get through them).

There is so much to like about this app. I really love the emotions or expressions the kids do when they receive their toy to let you know if they are happy or not. I like the different nationalities of the kids as well. The possibilities of the toy making is endless. I know that my daughter really enjoys this game. I think my favorite part was actually listening to her giggles and watching her facial expressions as reactions to the children in the game.

This app is compatible with: iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone. You can purchase Toy Repair Workshop in the app store for a special price of 99 cents. I do not know how long that promotion is for.

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