To The Vaccine Lovers BACK OFF

Dear Vaccination Lovers,

Can you take a minute to stop judging others for those that don’t really care for Vaccines and really have reason too? Don’t be so quick to judge as your not in the other persons shoes. Sure your children might be fine after the vaccinations. Do you realize that some of them have some serious side effects? No you don’t want to listen to that you just want to keep putting people down because it’s a must in your mind to get vaccinated.

I don’t tell you not whether you should or should not vaccinate and I don’t condemn you for it. It’s your parental choice. I never stated that I wouldn’t vaccinate my children. There is two vaccines I will NEVER let my children have the Flu/H1N1 and the Gardisal vaccine. That’s my choice. Oh and my youngest son will NEVER have the MMR vaccine again.

Why don’t you ask me my thoughts and not judge me for them. For one my kids and I DO get very sick after the flu shot there for it’s my choice not to get it. Also there is harmful amounts of mercury in it and it’s just to much for my little ones to take. My neighbor had a seizure as well as got sick. After the MMR shot my youngest son had a seizure within an hour. So I think that’s just cause for me not to get them.

Also let me tell you something else. When my youngest son was 4 months old he was vaccinated and 2 weeks later started having seizure. At 10 months he was vaccinated again with the same shots and 2 weeks later he lost his speech. My son at that time was also flagged for autism. So yes tell me I don’t have a reason to be concerned about vaccines. I do question the vaccines.

Are you aware that 1 in 94 kids have autism? Hmm what’s the most common environmental thing that kids have in common. Oh duh that wouldn’t be vaccines would it?

I never said it was directly the vaccines. For all I know it could be a reaction in the body once the vaccine is given. However all I want is answers and that makes me a bad parent? I think it’s time for the CDC and the Governmental officials to stop turning there heads away from the things that can go wrong with these vaccines.

Lets take a look at the vaccine that they are mandating for 5th and 6th grade girls called Gardasil. There have been girls who have had serious side effects such as seizures, long term pain, paralysis and even death. Yet these girls who did something to protect themselves are now the ones that have to suffer. They CDC or whatever group it was canceled the study on it. WHY?

Also in this video it brings awareness that sure the vaccines are stopping things such as Whooping Cough, Chicken Pox, Polio and etc but the long term side effects are on the rise for things such as asthma, type 1 and 2 diabetes, allergies and more.

Why not just take a minute to watch the video.

I guess I have made my point. Let me have my opinion and thoughts and stop judging me and everybody else who has a problem with the vaccines. As we are living with the side effects. Consider yourself lucky if you are not. I don’t tell you that you are a bad parent because you vaccinate so BACK OFF!

8 Responses to “To The Vaccine Lovers BACK OFF”

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    Tarasview says:

    no judgment from me- I agree, everyone has a right to their own opinions/beliefs!

    For the record my son is Autistic and I am pro-vaccinations and I have no intention of going into why… but I passionately think we all have the right to make our own decisions and not be bashed for them.

    I’ve felt judged many many times from the opposite direction- even family members have told me I made the wrong choice and I get lectures regularly about it… which I think is a little ironic considering it is way too late in my case… and I just think judgment from either side is wrong.

    So just *hugs* from me- we are all just doing the best we can! 🙂

    admin Reply:

    You are so right Tara. I am not against vaccines by no means. They have done good things. I guess the only things I am concerned about are the long term effects. Which after watching the Gardisal video really had me thinking. It just upsets me when it gets to a point where you know there is a problem but people who should be responsible turn their heads and look the other way. They stop the studies. It was really heartbreaking to her what these girls are going through. I get frustrated because my sons problems started when he was vaccinated. Again not saying it was the vaccines caused it or maybe something happening in the body reacting to them. It feels like when people speak out you get those that come out just to be rude. That is what irritates me.

  • 2
    angie says:

    I’m assuming a vaccine lover attacked you? 🙂

    admin Reply:

    LMAO You guessed right. It all started on a Facebook Fanpage this morning. I was reading and watching a video on Gardisal or however you spell that and it really caught my attention and made me think about what they were saying with the long term effects of the vaccines. I guess the comment that really upset me was oh this anti vaccine is crap and parents that don’t vaccinate should be charged with neglect. That really upset me because we do our best to protect our kids. I don’t feel that because someone doesn’t vaccinate they should be put down. Maybe they have a reason such as those in the video and they wanted others to be aware of what they went through as a warning sign. I am not against vaccines by no means. Although in my case I stop and wonder if Dakota’s problems were from the vaccines themselves or if it was something that happened inside the body as a reaction to the vaccines. That is the answer I am looking for. I can’t say that I myself was personally attacked. I feel that there should always be awareness after all if you knew the ingredients that went into these vaccines they would make you cringe. But to condemn someone for their feelings and thoughts when they have been part of reaction to something just irks me. I would never condemn someone either way whether they vaccinated or not.

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    Amy says:

    this is a hard topic. I think you did a great job explaining your thoughts and feeling.. Have a great day. The snow hit us with lots of snow drifts.

    admin Reply:

    Thanks Amy. It’s a very hard topic and very debatable too. LOL We had 17 inches of snow since Monday. Lots of blowing and drifting last night. Stay warm.

  • 4
    Tammy says:

    It’s been proven that vaccines can have a negative affect on a child with an underlying (and unknown) condition. There are several rare conditions that vaccines will have a negative affect on. If these conditions are not diagnosed, the result is that your child will develop autism traits. However, the government does not like to acknowledge this if autism is used in any way in the description of your child if you are participating in the vaccine lawsuit.
    I’ve discussed vaccines on my blog in the past, and as far as I am concerned, it is a decision each parent has to make themselves. Personally, I think that the schedule of vaccines is ridiculous. Do our children really need the amount of vaccines (at one time) that they get? Why can’t they be spaced out? And why aren’t there any tests conducted to rule out conditions that are known to react badly when a child is vaccinated?

    admin Reply:

    Tammy I have to agree with you. I don’t understand why they need so many at one time like they do. I am not crazy about. Your right it is a decision each parent has to make. Anything with autism and vaccines it doesn’t seem they want to acknowledge or talk about. Hope things are well in your corner of the world.

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