Time To Myself Today To Paint

Today is the first day in a long time that I had the afternoon to myself. My husband took the kids to an archery shoot today. So I decided to get my cleaning done and try working on a acrylic paint tutorial.

If you are wanting to try acrylic painting, looking for a new style, or just want to learn I highly suggest checking out Cinnamon Cooney on YouTube. She also has a facebook page as well and you can find on her youtube channel. She is such an upbeat person. She is very encouraging. I like how she says that three things can be wrong: teacher, brush, or paint. I don’t think my problem painting was the teacher. She does the instruction very well. She does the painting along with you. My problem is I am still learning and don’t fully understand the brush strokes.

Today I did her Silly Owl Tutorial. It was very easy. I had different paints then she did as I used a different brand. However my colors were very close and a couple of the colors I already had. I am slowly building up my acrylic paint stash. I didn’t realize just how much white I would go through. So my next investment is a HUGE bottle of white paint.

I was so relaxed today when I painted and I think I held my own pretty good. That was until I got to the very end of the tutorial when we were working on the head. She was adding color to make the head look fluffy. I was on the iPad so I am not really sure what her brush strokes were. Mine doesn’t look nothing like hers as I went my own way and used some pearlescent paints. Mine looks a little bit fluffy but I need more practice.

The nice thing is I can send my painting to her on facebook and she will try her best to leave some feedback. She keeps things very positive. I will take her word for it to keep painting and keep practicing. This was only my second painting ever on canvas. I have some ideas for paintings I would like to do but it will be a little while before I try my own because I need to stock up on acrylic paint and get the colors I need for them. I also have a couple things to learn as well before I do them.

Here are the results to my painting today:

image (2)

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