Thursdays Special Needs Blog Hop – 5 Goals for the New Year

Welcome back to a New Year with the Thursday’s Special Needs Blog Hop. It was a much needed break especially with the Holidays that quickly crept upon us. Since it’s the New Year and we have no more Holiday interruptions for a while it’s the perfect time to start feature some Special Needs Bloggers again each week.

We created this Special Needs Blog Hop as a way to bring the Special Needs Community closer together. Provide awareness and support to each other.

If you would like to join in the Special Needs Blog Hop it’s simple. Grab our button go back to your blog and create a post for the Special Needs Blog Hop. Each week we have a theme to make it easy to figure out what to post. Then come back and link up. Please make sure that your post is directed directly to the Special Needs Blog Hop and that it is about the Special Needs Blog Hop. We will be deleting entries that don’t follow directions.

We wanted to let you know that this Special Needs Blog hope is open to anyone with Special Needs and not just Autism.
We ask that you follow the two Hosts of the Special Needs Blog Hop which is Tammy From Autism Learning Felt and Stacie from Super Mommy To The Rescue.

This Week’s Featured Blogger: Is Dani G from I’m Just That Way and That’s Just Me

I'm Just That Way and That's Just Me

I absolutely love how Dani Summaries her blog. A sassy mother warrior from Los Angeles raising a sweet little girl with Autism in the Midwest.

Dani had originally started to blog in letting her friends and family know what life was like after they moved from California to the MidWest. After a while she said that it took a different spin and started to blog about Special Needs.

This weeks Theme: What are 5 goals you have for the New Year?

My Answer:
Hope you all had a great Holiday! I don’t really like making resolutions as I forget about them and don’t follow through. I am not sure if I have 5 goals for this year but here goes.

My first goal is to stop smoking. I use to smoke a pack a day. Now I am down to 5 cigarettes a day. No one is allow to smoke in the house anymore they have to go outside. I am hoping that in the next couple weeks I will be completely done.

I have a couple goals for Dakota this year. I would like to be in a 3 rd Grade Math book before our school year is up. Right now we kind of slowed down as he is having trouble with the Borrowing for Subtraction. For the most part he gets it but then looks at the wrong number for Subtraction. But once we get through this next week he should be smooth sailing for the rest. It will make me feel really good because I know that it was me who got him up to speed. I don’t think he would have came this far if had been in school as the last year they ONLY worked on addition and subtraction and some time and a little bit of money. They took to long.

Another thing for Dakota is to follow through the referral and schedule him an appointment for a new neurologist. The referral should be there but I was told it takes about 5 business days for them to call so I will be calling by tomorrow if I haven’t heard from them. The reason for the new neurologist is the one here close to me is always out for research and he has said a couple things that I totally disagree with. Why do I disagree well it’s because I have had two other neurologists in the past tell me something different. He recently had a seizure over Christmas Break and I didn’t like the answers he gave. Besides I wasn’t the only one who saw it my neighbors saw it. So I know I wasn’t seeing things.

My goal is to make his fine motor progress more. We have a couple more therapy appointments before they decide if we can continue or have a home programmed developed for us. He has been making great progress.

My last goal is about my Daughter. I plan to research autism in girls more. I also plan on taking her to be evaluated for her speech at the end of the month through the school district. My daughter is not diagnosed with autism. She isn’t displaying warning signs but I have noticed some autistic traits that can’t be learned from her brother because he doesn’t really do them any more.

12 Responses to “Thursdays Special Needs Blog Hop – 5 Goals for the New Year”

  • 1

    I am not a smoker, but if I was, having to go out in this cold winter weather would be enough to make me quit! It is freezing!

    Good luck finding a new neurologist, sounds like it is necessary. And I get what you are saying about your daughter. I am so torn with this one too because my 2 year old does some things and I am really confused on whether he is imitating his brother or if I should have him evaluated.

    And I don’t want to be too into your business, or sound like I know it all, but wanted to know if you’ve tried using manipulatives for the borrowing thing? My son is very concrete and literal, he needs to see it to get it, if that makes sense. When I had kids like that while teaching, using base ten blocks really helped them get the concept. Then when they went to do it with numbers they got it. Just a suggestion in case you haven’t tried it.

    admin Reply:

    LOL Jean! yeah it’s been pretty cold out there. As for my 2 year old it always sits in the back of my mind. I know there is a couple things that she has learned from my son but I know some she hasn’t and I get tired of bringing it up to the Doctors and then hearing oh she is fine. Like I did when Dakota was little. But the difference between the two is he really had the red flags and warning signs. And Doctors still told me different. LOL I am going to wait to have her evaluated until I find out more that makes me push for it otherwise.

    An no don’t feel in my business about the manipulative. We have tried dots and counters I even tried using the big block with 100s, 10s and 1s. today he did better. I think the problem is there was to many problems for him at one time. The page we did today only had 5 problems as they were story problems but the other page had a lot more. It’s always nice to find out what others have tried and that has worked because I am sure there is something out there I am not trying. 🙂

  • 2
    Dani G says:

    Wow! you’re doing great with the smoking! Good for you! Yeah, fine motor is on our list, too!!

    admin Reply:

    Thanks Dani!

  • 3

    We’re the other way round. I’m used to having a girl on the spectrum, now I have to work out what is going on with the boy.

    Good luck with your goals for the year!

    admin Reply:

    Thank you. Good Luck with yours too 🙂

  • 4
    shelley says:

    hi stacie,

    nice to meet you, i hoped over from “baby fields” site where i saw the blog hop!

    I am a special needs mom too! I had 2 pregnancies complicated by pre-eclampsia/toxemia and brought 2 32 weeker preemies into the world, my oldest will be 23 this year and had no complications other then her temper! lol but my younger daughter will be 19 next month and has cp, it has been a journey. When my kids were small i got frustrated at not being able to take them to play at the park, so i designed and created the first fully inclusive playground in Maryland after raising 1 million dollars to do so in 3 years… It was the first of it’s kind in our state and one of the first in the country… I went on and helped many around the country… and nowww I’m writing and love meeting other families with special needs children… OK that’s me in very short! lol

    Anyhow, I’d love to have you stop by and follow along my site, I’m following you on here and the tweetser!

    Have a great day!
    shelley 🙂

    admin Reply:

    Wow Shelley that is absolutely amazing! It’s nice to meet you. I will stop by and follow shortly 🙂

  • 5

    Good luck with the goals. It seems like a never ending list of things we should do, fix, find for our kids, doesn’t it?

    admin Reply:

    Yes it sure does. Just when you think you cover them all there is more that pops up.

  • 6
    Audrey says:

    I quit smoking 14 years ago. It was one of the toughest things I ever did. All I can say is that it gets easier every single day. Wishing you tons of success 🙂

    admin Reply:

    Thanks Audrey. It’s hard but in all honesty I am not doing too bad.

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