Thursday’s Special Needs Blog Hop #1

Welcome to Super Mommy’s Special Needs Blog Hop. Life got so busy that I just didn’t have much time to blog and I really have missed it. The one thing I missed was the Special Needs Blog Hop. So I thought I would start it up again. The reason behind it is I would love to see the Special Needs Community Closer. I know alot of what we had related to autism but it was nice to see what other special need parents went through and it was nice to know we could all support each other regardless of the special need.

So let’s get this Special Needs Blog Hop hopping again. For this being the first week I would just like to start over with introductions again. Keep it simple and easy for ya. Grab the picture above and put it in your post. Please make sure you link back to this post as I will have a linky. I do have to say that if any entries do not pertain to the blog hop I will have to delete it. The most part is have fun and get to know other bloggers. I know with summer people get super uber busy. I know I am one of them. I didn’t think summer would be so busy. Since we moved the kids have held me hostage outside.

Ok well now lets get on to the introduction.

I am Stacie owner of Super Mommy to the Rescue. When I started this blog my hope was to connect with other Autism Bloggers so I didn’t feel so alone. I blog about my journey raising my autistic son. My blog has kind of been a mixed bag. I have combined my homeschool journey along with raising my other kids, and autism on this blog. You will see occassional product reviews and contests.

Let me tell you about my youngest son Dakota. He is now 10 and is diagnosed with High Functioning Autism. I knew back when he was about 10 1/2 months something was wrong and he had the red flags for autism. Dakota has come a long way since then though. I am rather proud of him. We went through a lot the last year he was in school. From major meltdowns, Bad behavior, and very bad panic attacks. He was a lot less social. Now that I homeschool him there is a HUGE difference. He is actually excelling. No panic attacks and he is way more social. He still has issues with not understanding jokes, doing things his way, few meltdowns here and there. But on a good note we are dealing with things very well at this point. I am sure I am forgetting things as I am super excited about this blog hop. LOL

I do have an older son  but he doesn’t have any special needs except being a teenager 🙂

My daughter is 3. Her name is Brittany. I had her evaluated back in fall and he had said there was a possibility that my daughter had aspergers. However there wasn’t enough there to fully diagnose her but she did have autistic characteristics. An interesting thing was when we went for her 3 year check up the doctor said that she had well over 250 words in her vocabulary. She was holding a conversation with the doctor. It was acutally kind of funny. Certain things she has to have certain ways or she gets extremely upset. She does not like loud noises and is a little noise sensitive. She has come a long way too. I use to be worried about her speech but I am not any more. She is extremely smart for her age. Of course like her brother she isn’t aware of the safety issue of things around her. Although when cars come in and out of the parking lot she knows to get on the grass without being told unless we see them before her and tell her. She can draw hearts, circles and squares. She can identify all her shapes, colors. she is starting to count on her own. Again I am sure I am forgetting things.

About me: Well I love to read and scrapbook on my spare time. Although I don’t have to much of that any more as I am kept busy by the kids. I am starting to work on creating homeschool units for both my son and daughter. I love to travel. I really like visiting Upper Michigan. Don’t ask me why it’s just gorgeous up there. I homeschool my youngest son and am starting to work mroe with my daughter too. I love arts and crafts. I love hearing my kdis giggle. I love seeing Dakota adore his sister on his terms and vice versa. I love how he is her protector.

Now lets here a little about you. Don’t forget to create your post on your blog and come back here and link up.

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