Thoughts on Charter School

Well this year I am doing open enrollment. Open enrollment happens in February. What that means is I put in for School Choice for next year. Now just because I am doing the open enrollment does not mean that Dakota will attend this Charter School. What happens is my school district and the school district I want him to enroll to both have to agree for him to attend the Charter School. Just because he gets acceppted doesn’t mean that I will end up sending him. Right now I am keeping my options open and I want to be able to get out of the Algoma School District if I have too. I am giving the school a chance to see what happens. It’s not just school that I have to worry about it’s Dakota.

Before I get into details about the Charter School I want to tell you how it went with the pschiatrist today. I let him know all my concerns. I let him know that things have been on a roller coaster with Dakota now. I noticed that the clonodine starts wearing off towards the night. I think though a lot had to do with Christmas Break and him being  bored. I also noticed it took him a while longer to fall asleep. I think he was fighting it. I am going to keep a close log and see how his sleep patterns go to see if it needs to be adjusted. I asked about chest pain and Dakota and if it could be anxiety and he said possibly. So he added another prescription however I went to the pharmacy and he never faxed it. LOL He thinks it might help with the stress too. I mentioned the strange fevers and how he didn’t have them over Christmas Break and he agreed they were due to stress.

I researched one of the Charter Schools and I talked to the 3rd Grade Teacher to find out how my year would go with Dakota. Let me back up a little bit. Charter School is a free public education at home. What happens is I am given the curriculum for the year. Each week I get lesson plans for each day of the week on things that need to be accomplished. Each  day the work needs to be checked off that it was completed. Reading and Math are every day. Science and Social Studies are three times a week. Technology is one a week. Art is one day a week and Phy Ed is 3 days a week for 30 minutes. One lesson per week that you have to meet on line as a class. Which if you think about it. Really it’ s only one day that you have a lot of stuff to do in one day. The rest of the days are pretty light and easy. I just mean one day a week there is more work then other days. Which I thought could be a good thing. I also liked the fact that they had electives and clubs. I really was interested in the arts and crafts club and the Science in the kitchen club. I thought Dakota might like both of them.

Now I am not saying I am going this route again it’s just something  I looked into. I had a really hard time when I homeschooled Dakota as we didn’t really have the structure and I didn’t know what I was doing and there was no accountability. Well with the Charter School I feel there is structure and accountability. I really want him to be at school. I want him to be able to be with his peers. This is just in case we don’t like how the rest of the year goes with Dakota. So far I do have to say the school has been working with us the best they can. So really I have no complaints. I am just concerned when he is running his fevers and the mornings that he gets there late due to the battles we go through in the morning. Which is just part of the roller coaster ride we are on and will hopefully smooth itself out.

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    My boys attend a Charter school in Sheboygan, we LOVE it! It is a 4k-8 school, my oldest has been going there since 4K and now is in 6th. They won the Gold Award for High Performance of a Charter School from the state of WI this year…based on TEST scores and nothing else. We are all so pround of the children at the school! FYI~they use to be a private school until 2 years ago, so we are a new Charter school and to win that award is HUGE! Good luck with your decision.
    .-= Susan@my2boyz´s last blog ..Winner of Glamma Toys Giveaway =-.

    admin Reply:

    That is really awesome! I am assuming that your kids physically go to the Charter School? I called a couple and they thought I was crazy when I said that it’s done at home. I am going to email you as I have questions. Hope you don’t mind :})

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    I’m not familiar with this type of charter school. Will Dakota being doing most of the work at home with you and part time in the school? Or did I read it wrong?

    My stepdaughter attended a charter school in Anchorage for five years and she loved it. I look forward to hearing more.

    Happy New Year,
    .-= SquirrelQueen´s last blog ..Bubbles – Macro Monday =-.

    admin Reply:

    Hi Judy. If I went this route Dakota would be doing all his work at home. It’s like homeschooling. Only it’s through a public school in another district. He would have to do certain assignments each day and they have to be checked off online. Apparently there is a lot of communication with the teacher. I will be attending an Open House in February to see exactly how it works and their system they use. It’s just something to keep our options open with him. We want a slot just in case things don’t work out at school. So far they have been very accommodating to Dakota. We have struggles in the morning for him to get to school. This is been going on for a while now. He use to love to go to school and all of a sudden something has changed. I can’t figure out exactly what.

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    Whatever decision you choose, I’m sure it will be the best for Dakota.
    .-= Maria@Conversations with Moms´s last blog ..What I really wanted to say was….. =-.

    admin Reply:

    Thanks Maria. It’s a very tough decision but there are 102 days of school left. So we shall see how the rest of the year goes with him. I really want him in school as it’s a nice break for me. The school has been doing wonderful with him. Well the best they can.

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