Thinking Back..

Recently I actually really thought about a lot of things. As most of you know I have a teenage son. I see the spunkyness, attitude, and sarcasm that literally drives me nuts. For example last weekend we found out that some boys here in town posted a nasty comment along with my son’s cell phone number all over xbox live. Well apparently come to find out it was up for over a week. I was really upset and angry about that. The reason being is I was once a victim of identity theft and ever since then there is that paranoia. It takes just the one right person and they know everything about you. So for my own protection I called the police. I wanted a police report on file in case something happened. I know it may be petty to some people but it was a huge deal to me. Supposedly the kid took the number down. Well almost a week passes and Brad gets a phone call on his cell phone. The kid or adult said that they got his number from xbox live. They were asking questions on if he ever still played a game on xbox. Brad said look could you please not call this number again. Well being the paranoid, freaked out mother that I am. I tracked the number to somewhere in South West Wisconsin. It was registered to 2 guys and a gal. Don’t know the ages. So I called the police asking if there was anything I could do. Of course nothing. So I ended up changing Brad’s cell phone number. I suppose telling you this story I got side tracked from my point.

Well the night this all happened my son was acting all big and bad. You know how the teenage attitude goes. Oh that guy is a wimp and I can take him. Well I was rather annoyed with that. I laid into him telling him that it isn’t right to think that way. I wasn’t even going to let him go to Shanty Days this weekend for fear of trouble. He was forewarned to stay away from the kids and not antagonize them. He was also told to walk away. This weekend went well though. One of the kids friends went up to Brad and said the kids were looking for him and Brads answer was whatever. The kid said to Brad well how about I post your cell phone up on xbox live. You got Brad saying going ahead as it’s a federal offense and you will be paying $100,000. LOL Well the kid shut up and left him alone. He did see one of the kids there. Nothing happened thankfully.

I suppose your still asking what the point to all this is. Well I see a part of me in him. Boy did I give my parents a hard time growing up. I thought my pooh didn’t stink back then. Just like my son thinks now. I realized that he was thinking though much more adult like then I gave him credit for. I thought he would be like me and blow a hole in his pocket with the money he had. Nope he said it was too expensive. LOL I had to chuckle.

I can relate to him in so many ways. Unfortunately the only difference between Brad and I was my parents were not divorced and I didn’t have brothers and sisters.

My nephew has been here for two weeks to long. The kids have stayed up really late every night slept all day and played xbox all day. Well that won’t happen when my nephew leaves. I was getting frustrated with that. Well even though Brad stayed up late he was willing to help out around here. He normally doesn’t stay up all night unless he is really into a game which is rare. Yesterday I started laughing because I remember too doing that when I was younger. I would stay up till I couldn’t stay up anymore. Always on the phone. Another difference is I didn’t have a cell phone with text messaging. LOL

I guess really there is no moral to this whole post. It just brought back memories of me being younger. How I acted. What I did. I hope he turns out smarter in some cases and doesn’t make the same mistakes I did. That’s all I really want for him.

I won’t be visiting all the people in my linky love or blog roll today as I am exhausted. I had to take my husband to the ER last night as he was in a whole lotta pain. It ended up being a 3mm kidney stone that has to pass. OUCH!! I only got less then 2 hours of sleep. My mother came here last night to watch the kids while we went. Which I am really thankful for that. I didn’t have to drag Brittany out and wake her up. She probably would have been crabby the whole time we were there. I didn’t have to worry if Dakota was going to wake up early and what trouble he was going to get in and his pills not being given on time. Thanks Mom for going out of your way to come here last night to watch the kids. She didn’t sleep at all last night either until she got home.

Not sure if we are going to see the fireworks. It all depends on if it is going to rain or not and how tired I am. Besides if it rains they will cancel them and well Shanty Days won’t go out with the bang this year.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

13 Responses to “Thinking Back..”

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    Michelle says:

    yikes! sounds like life has been action packed! we took the er trip last week, thinking it was his other kidney stone, LOL.

    Hope this next week is better!
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Working Wounded =-.

    admin Reply:

    Yikes! Must be something in the air. Never a dull moment around here. This week is a new week so I am sure things will be better 🙂

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    PJ says:

    watching my kids grow up and giving them advice from my experiences was sometimes quite frustrating. as much as i would have liked to “fix” all of their mistakes, i knew it wasn’t the right thing to do. i would always let them know that i loved them no matter what, but…they knew right from wrong and if they chose the wrong way they would be the ones to take the consequences. i knew that they had to make their own mistakes so they could learn and grow. not saying that it wasn’t sometimes very difficult to just do nothing, but they would’ve never learned anything from the experience otherwise. i didn’t much like the years between 12 and 18 at all and really do think that from that time they should all be in boarding school or something…hehehe
    .-= PJ´s last blog ..Randomness =-.

    admin Reply:

    LOL PJ! The thought crossed my mind once or twice. hehehe. Your right you have to let them learn from the mistakes. He has made a couple and I hope that he has learned from them. Brad is pretty much a good kid and I am very proud of him. Sometimes I wish I had a magic wand to take all the troubles away from him. Thanks for stopping by.

  • 3
    laane says:

    I would have gone to the police too, and I would have switched phones for a few months, so I could deal with mystery callers myself.

    I also would have informed the school, because when one of the kids does a thing like that, maybe others do the same.

    Thanks for entering the give-away. 🙂
    .-= laane´s last blog ..and the winner is….. =-.

    admin Reply:

    You are right Laane! School hasn’t started yet. It might be something to mention so they can incorporate things in the stuff they do. I can’t think of the program that it is right now at the moment. I never thought of switching phones. I think it would have been more of a hassle as we would both be lost without our cell phones.

  • 4

    whew, that would scare me too having my child’s phone number on xbox. You did the right thing. It sounds like it turned out ok. I see me in my daughter every day and it really gives me a shock. Thank goodness for your mom. They are the bestest, aren’t they? hugs to you, Karen
    .-= Karen ~Georgia Angel´s last blog ..Pssst…. =-.

    admin Reply:

    At least I am not the only one that feels the way I did. Yeah I am starting to see the me in the kids. LOL Yep my mom is the bestest! I can’t forget my Dad too!!

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    […] See original here:  Thinking Back.. […]

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    Libertine says:

    Looks like you are incredebly busy. I hope your husband will be ok. If it comes to looking back… Oh dear! I dread to see myself or my husband in my teenage kids… but we still have few years to go as the girl is 11 and the boy is 2… Then again our kids will have grown up in completely different circumstances, so they might rebel in a different way, lol. All the best to you, seems like Brad is a very reasonable lad.
    .-= Libertine´s last blog ..Time =-.

    admin Reply:

    Thank you. He really is a great kid! So far things haven’t been that bad. Thanks for stopping by.

  • 7
    COUNTRY MOM says:

    I really hope you can get your house back to normal, once your company goes home. Maybe getting back to your reg. routine will help.
    .-= COUNTRY MOM´s last blog ..Sharing 5 Wonderful Things… =-.

    admin Reply:

    I haven’t been in my regular routine now for 2 weeks. Maybe that’s really throwing me off and I just don’t realize it. The kids start school really soon and I am so thrilled. I really can’t wait for school to start.

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