Thick As Thieves Book Review – Definitely A Page Turner

Thick As Thieves Book Review

The kids and I really enjoyed reading Thick As Thieves in the Circle C Milestones series. The author of this book is Susan K. Marlow, and the publisher is Kregal Publications. This book is recommended for ages 12 and up.

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Thick As Thieves is a book about friendship, unselfishness, and compassion. The main character is Andi, who is a 14 year old girl who grows up in California during the 1880s. Andi’s biggest love is her palomino horse named Taffy. Andi has little time to prepare herself for Taffy’s first foaling, between her chores and school. When Taffy is about to deliver the foaling it almost ended up in a disaster, until Chad (Andi’s brother) and Andi help out Taffy. Andi has spent so much time with the foals that her grades start slipping. Andi’s mom has limited her time with the foals until her grades come up.

Andi also had another problem on her hands, and it was the new girl Macy Walker. Macy walker had been assigned Andi’s new seat mate. Needless to say that Macy had really bad manners and very cruel behavior towards others. The kids feared the girl, but what this girl needed was a friend. Macy almost killed Andi by messing with the saddle. Andi was furious as it was her horse that was hurt so she went back after the girl. It was at that time Andi realized that Macy just needed someone to be a friend. Andi showed her compassion when she really didn’t want to at first. From the moment she showed her that compassion the two had become friends.

One day Andi’s worst fears had come true, the horses were stolen from the Carter ranch. Macy ended up telling Andi where the horses were but made her promise not to tell. Macy wanted to help Andi get her horses back. Andi left a clue for her family in her journal in case she didn’t come back. It was some adventure getting the horses back. Macy stood up to her brothers to protect Andi. I really don’t want to go in to to many details because it would ruin the book.

We really enjoyed this book. We read a couple chapters every day during circle time. Both my kids ages 12, and 6 listened to the story. It was very hard to put down as we always wanted to know what happened next. It really kept both of the kids interest. We also used the free Study Guide when we were finished. The study guide contained grammar, vocabulary, questions, bible and more. The kids favorite part of the study guide was learning bout the foal training.

Andi was brave girl for standing up to Macy. Even though Andi was afraid of Macy she made efforts to try to be her friend by helping her to read, riding the horse with her, taking her out to her house, and working with the colts. Andi realized what Macy’s home life was like and started understanding why Macy was the way she was. She set that all aside and showed Macy compassion. You wouldn’t think with her manners and behavior that she could turn her around and she did. Andi also had very strong faith. When in trouble I liked how the different bible verses kept popping up in her head.

Macy didn’t strike me as one that could even make a friend. She had a rough life growing up with her brothers, who were nothing but trouble. As Andi showed her compassion she opened up more and more and the two became good friends. At the end of the book Macy saves Andi’s life. She also grew the courage to stand up to her brothers as well as leave her brothers. She started knowing that what her brothers did was wrong and it wasn’t a life that she wanted to have. She also was able to reconnect with family. At the end she receives the most beautiful surprise ever.

I highly suggest putting this on your reading list! It is a book you will want to keep reading and not want to put down.

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One Response to “Thick As Thieves Book Review – Definitely A Page Turner”

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    susan says:

    I’m sure enjoying reading all the Crew’s takes on the new book. Thanks for your lovely review. When I homeschooled I used Sonlight, and I so appreciated how they gave me more “buck” for the books (enrichment) and that’s what I like to do with my books.
    Thanks again,

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