The Ultimate Homeschool Planner Review

The Ultimate Homeschool Planner Review

One of the things I have come to depend on is a homeschool planner. I find that I get more done when I am more organized. I was really excited when I received The Ultimate Homeschool Planner by Apologia Educational Ministries for review. This is so much more then just a homeschool planner in many ways.


The Ultimate Homeschool Planner is an amazing tool. There is a nice user’s guide that tells you how to get the most use out of this. I have used this planner daily and it has become not only just a homeschool planner but a great way to document things as well. One of my favorite parts of this planner is the weekly planner. There is little something for you to read each week. You can set up a Bible Plan. I set up the things I wanted to accomplish with my bible each week. I also reminded myself to start working on the week’s bible study for church. I love coming up with a battle plan and fighter verse. The fighter verse is something I look for in the bible that will help me get through the week. I can keep a list of who or what I need to keep in my prayers. I can keep track of hospitality and outreach. I also like being able to document memorable moments, achievements, and evidence’s of God’s Grace. It’s something nice to be able to look back on.


There is also a student goal setter for setting character goals and academic goals. This will come in handy to see if we have met the goals as wells as seeing what we need to work on. You can track up to 6 students in this planner. I only have 2 so this is nice since I can keep adding if I need too. There is a place for family priorities and resource lists. I like the idea of a resource list because then I can go back and keep track of things we are using, have used, or need to use and I can make note if they worked for us or not. I can add in resources that we use through out the year as well that are add ins.


There is a monthly planner I find that comes in handy as I can write out appointments and field trips. I can look at it daily and add it to my weekly planner. There is also a place where you can record grades, a year end review, teachers tips, reading lists, and activities.

So as you can see everything really is at your finger tips. I find using this really keeps me intune. I have never before ever planned out anything with Bible or had a fighter verse. I love that this encourages me more to have that time with God. It also encourages me when I have a plan to spend more time reading my bible and becoming more familiar with it. I love the fact that I have memories to look back on.  I can keep track of how I am growing as a person and how my kids are growing academically and how we are growing as a family.

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