The Snowy Day – Printables and Crafts

This morning my kids were at each others throats. Brittany and I have not really done anything in a week so I decided that since it was cold outside today would be the perfect time to work on a story with some activities. It is winter and well it feels like winter with it being cold at times. We don’t have much snow though. That is something we have been lacking this winter.

We decided to read The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. My daughter really got into the story which was awesome. She was able to identify the snowman, snowball, foot prints, snow angel and other things. If you don’t have the book you can read it online right now at We Give Books for free. This book was really cute. It was basically about a boy playing in the snow.

I printed off a set of printables for The Snowy Day that I downloaded for free from Home School Creations. She has awesome set of different printables on her site. I didn’t print everything from the printables but will use them again in the future. I printed off the line tracing, the word cards that were traceable, the traceable word shapes, theย  counting, and the letter tracing.

We are working on a little experiment that invloves borax. We are going to make a winter snow flake in a jar. I found this on pinterest. The graphic I am sharing with you is from Pinterest and I have linked back to the person it originally came from. I checked it this morning and I see a few crystals so I shall leave it until tomorrow morning.

We made a snow man out of glue, salt and water colors. What I did was a I drew an outline in glue of the snowman. Then I poured salt on top of the glue and let it dry. Once dry I soaked the paint brush with water and really wet up the watercolor paints. That way when you touch the salt it just spreads on the salt. You don’t have to touch really hard for the water color to get in the salt. I love the effects of this.

We made a marshmallow snowman. We just glued marshmallows together. I couldn’t find a tooth pick for the nose and arms. So our snowman doesn’t have arms. We colored the face and buttons and drew little sticks on him.

We made finger snowmen. I used white paint and painted my daughters hand and we stamped a blue piece of paper. I think I got the idea off of pinterest. It might even be posted on my Winter Days Boards. We didn’t get fancy and decorate as Brittany probably would have just scribbled all over it and really ruined the look. I kinda like it bare. Of course it’s a hand print and I LOVE IT!!

If you would like more Winter ideas I invite you to visit my Winter Days Board. If you would like to follow me feel free to do so. I do follow back.


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