The Newest Toy Craze! Myachi Review

Catch It, Kick It, Flip It and Stick It! That’s right you heard me right welcome to the newest toy craze called Myachi Original Hand Sack!  The Myachi Orignal Hand Sack will keep you moving with lots of fun and laughter. I swear this is the most fun since the hacky sacks back in the 80’s or 90’s.  My son and his friends got to try this out yesterday one of them said that it was a little hard to do but it seemed like a lot of fun. My son tried it and we were laughing like crazy. You can do just about anything with it just don’t use it with palms.

Myachi combines the fluid of hand motions of martial arts with the old school fun of the hacky sack. Simple enough for grade schoolers to get the hang of within minutes, the Myachi will also challenge the most skilled varsity athletes.

Available in a rainbow of colors, there’s a perfect Myachi for everyone. And with the all new, kids can learn the latest tricks, create a virtual Myachi collection, and compete against friends in the Jam Cam battle zone, and much more.

Take a look for yourself at just how much fun and laughter this can provide. Once one really gets the hang of it you can bump it, kick it, slip it, use your shirt and get creative in the ways to use it. I apologize for the video being sideways I have no idea why it’s side ways and no idea how to fix it since it came from my phone. (Think I figured out why. I must have to hold it a certain way.) Notice the color thingy on my sons fingers that make really helps so your fingers don’t get sore.

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