The Goslings Are Here!!!

We have been waiting for over a month! Last week we went to the Bay Beach Wild Life Sanctuary and we found that the baby goslings are finally here. The moment that we seen these sweet little critters was something that has NEVER ever happened to us before. It was amazing!!!


We were sitting at the picnic table getting ready to go to the bird side and we see a HUGE group of over 50 goslings just heading right towards us. I kid you not, these little guys and gals walked right up to our feet. They were not afraid of us. The mamas that were walking with them stayed back and just watched us. They didn’t charge at us or come and hiss at us. Very unique experience as they normally are very protective of their babies. Some of the babies just plopped down to take a rest. Others babies just walked around us. Then they got bored and walked away.


These guys walked along side of us towards the bird side. The kids were saying that maybe they were having a park play date. The kids really got a kick out of these guys. When we walked father we heard almost what sounded like some plastic hitting plastic but what we found was two geese fighting near some babies. I was really shocked because none of the mamas were aggressive towards us. We weren’t bothering the babies or anything. It was such an incredible experience for us.


My daughter was super excited that she got to hold a baby mallard duck. This little guy was brought in with another one. They were brining in 8 more babies. I guess the mama got hit by a car. So very sad. I was looking on the bird side though for the mama duck that was actually nesting in by the ducks. They didn’t have mama or baby out there. So I don’t know if this was the mama duck or if it was a different duck. Like I said in an earlier post this was the first year I had ever seen any of the other mallard ducks nesting. This was the first time I ever say a baby mallard duck. My daughter said they are super soft.

I really like that this year we went each week to see the behavior of the geese. It was very neat to see the different stages and the different temperaments. It was an amazing experience to be surrounded by baby goslings who weren’t even afraid of us. Just magical!!

2 Responses to “The Goslings Are Here!!!”

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    Jackie says:

    This sounds like an awesome experience…one I’m sure the kids will remember. I love to see all the babies with the moms…I don’t know how they keep them all together.

    admin Reply:

    I don’t know how they keep them all together either. There weren’t many momma geese around and their were over 50 goslings. I know they only had about 3 – 5 eggs each that they were nesting on. It was an awesome experience.

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