The Fun Spanish Level 1 Review

The Fun Spanish Review

Do you have an elementary age child that would like to learn Spanish? The Fun Spanish by Brookdale House is a beginners program to learn the fundamental structure of sentences, as well as vocabulary, verb conjunction, and prepositions. It consists of one lesson every two weeks and is a year long program. It is made for elementary students.  For this review I received a digital pdf file that I printed the worksheets out.


The Fun Spanish is taught the Charolette Mason way, the child is learning one phrase at a time. Children learn to read and write fun Spanish sentences and at the end of the lesson they draw a picture about what the sentence they are learning is about. The drawing of the picture is a great visual and memory aide to children her are learning as they can associate words to the picture.

I used this curriculum with my son. We actually did a set of worksheets each day. So we used this about 4 – 5 days per week. My son has autism and we are slower in the lessons as I reprinted them for a week or two longer until I knew he actually memorized and recognized words. As far as time wise we probably spent 10 – 20 minutes depending on where we were in the lessons and if we were repeating something.


I really like the set up of this. Every day the child is learning 5 – 6 new words in the context of a fun sentence. The left page would be for a child to learn the verb conjugation copy work and a translation exercise. The right page is copying the Spanish sentence and drawing a picture.  You could probably say page 1 and page 2 if you wanted instead of left and write. Now what I did before my son would copy the Spanish sentence was that I had him look at the previous page and we wrote out the translation before he copied the sentence. It gave him a great visual. It also showed him that the sentence structure was a little different then English. The drawing is what I think is a really fun idea as it gives a visual cues as to what the sentence is about. For example our very first drawing was about a green cat with long legs. So that is what my son drew.

The nice thing about my son learning Spanish is I took it for three years in school so this is like a refresher to me. A family that is very close to us is Spanish and when in doubt we ask them to help. That way we know he is learning the sound of the words correctly.

The Fun Spanish Level 1 is a great asset to our homeschool. Even though my son has Autism he able to learn by one of his strengths and that is learning visually. Again, the drawing really leaves an imprint in the child’s mind to help remember the words. I like the repetition of repeating sentences that the child has written each day. It does repeat some of the words used in other lessons. This is a fun program for any child who wants to learn Spanish.

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 Brookdale House Review

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