The Dragon and the Raven – Audio Drama – Review

The Dragon and the Raven Review

The one thing I have absolutely started to really cherish with the kids is listening to audio dramas. Our absolute favorite have been produced by Heirloom Audio Productions. The newest release that I have had the pleasure of reviewing is The Dragon and the Raven. I think by far this is my absolute favorite of them all.

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The Dragon and the Raven is a about the Danes sweeping over almost every kingdom in England. They destroyed everything that was in their path. This is where the story about King Alfred the Great really comes alive. Edmund and Harold were young when their fathers lost their lives in defending their country. Edmunds father gives him an oath ring that he was to visit the King to fulfill his fathers promise. Edmund wants to stand up and fight the Danes. During one of the battles Edmund proves to Alfred that he is loyal and willing to fight. He earned that loyalty by defending Alfred’s father who was King at the time by throwing himself over the wounded man. Edmund did get injured during that time. Alfred did take notice of that and Edmund later become his right hand.

King Alfred taught Edmund and the rest of the people about faith in God. He felt that people turned their backs on God and this is why this was happening. He also taught Edmund that reading and poetry was going to help him as well. King Alfred had them build a ship called the Dragon which was a sign of hope, to fight against the Danes ship called the Raven. They learned how to better a shield wall to keep the Danes out. The navy that King Alfred made was impressive as it sank the Raven.

The biggest thing that really stands out is how much faith King Alfred had and the grace he felt he received from God. He took that grace and showed his people to have faith and grace again. It taught them to have mercy in the time of war. It was ok for them to defend but to have and show mercy on the Danes. For that mercy it ended the war with the Danes. King Guthrem and King Alfred became friends. King Guthrem also started switching from believing in many Gods to just one God.

I never really knew the story about King Alfred the Great until I listened to this CD and watched the video of behind the scenes. It was interesting when they talk about how the boys of England can picture the legend that started with Alfred burning the cakes when he hid in the marshland of Somerset, that was when the Danes invades the castle. I am really surprised that they never discovered the Dragon in the woods when they took over the castle. King Alfred the Great is the only king to be called the Great. He is remembered for his successful defense of England against the Danes, building an impressive navy, and is also known for social and educational reform. It was an interesting piece of history that I learned and was able to share with the kids.

My son really enjoyed the friendship between Edmund and Harold. They were totally opposite of each other. Edmund was more impulsive and Harold was more into history and architecture. Harold didn’t think he had the courage to fight but in the end he became a great warrior. I think my son was amazed at how strong Edmund was, especially when he watched his father die from a distance. His father wanted him safe and to learn about strategy. I think that in itself later became useful for him.

I think my favorite part of this was the love story between Edmund and Freya. Freya was a Dane and was so surprised by the mercy that Edmund showed that he really took her heart at the time. There was jealousy with another Dane that thought she should be forced to marry him. However, that didn’t happen and I can’t tell you how or it will spoil it.

We listened to the CDs a couple times. First we just listened to them and then we listened to it and went through the Study Guide that I was able to download. The study guide is really handy as it goes by track. There are questions so you can make sure that your child is understanding. Then there are other questions that make you think a bit further about your answers. The thinking further for us sparked many conversations. Then there was defining words to help make your child’s vocabulary grow.

We also listened to the just the music as well. We could picture when certain events happened and my son was able to retell the story in parts. We are currently reading the book that came along with it as well.

I did receive a hard copy of the CD as well as some digital extras that I have mentioned in this review.

If you are looking for a good christian audio drama, I highly suggest listening to The Dragon and The Raven. We couldn’t just stop listening to the cd’s as we had to know what was going to happen next. There was so many battles and different events that happened in the story. I think we really wanted to know what the outcome would be. I feel that this audio drama sends us a message of hope, and reminds us that we are show mercy to our enemies. It also reminds to have and show our faith in God.

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The Dragon and the Raven {Heirloom Audio Productions Review}

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